Ambassador Program for Health Card


Lazoi is an online healthcare portal that is a one stop solution for various kinds of healthcare services. We provide multiple services related to healthcare ranging from booking doctor’s appointment, ambulance services, blood bank services, purchasing medicines, diagnostic test, health insurance to management of Doctor’s profiles and software for hospital management.

Lazoi makes it possible for you to access any service on our portal, irrespective of your location. No matter where you are you can easily keep track of your appointments and obtain the information you need. Our aim is to bridge the gap between healthcare service providers and patients. Our services are designed to make the process easier for both doctors and patients.

We have come up with the Ambassador program for people willing to volunteer. This program can prove to be a crucial opportunity for individuals who aim to engage in an activity that will give them the chance to serve people as well as be a source of financial aid for themselves. This program gives everyone the power to be an ambassador for Lazoi and advertise our services to a wider audience. 

When you choose to be a part of the ambassador program you will get the opportunity to engage in something that is committed to serving people. We provide healthcare and medical services to people from all sections of the society. Medical services are hugely in demand and extremely crucial for the survival of every individual. This clearly means by promoting our services and being a part of this initiative, you are going to indirectly solve the healthcare related challenges people are facing.

The ambassador is going to be responsible for selling our health cards, which is a pre-determined package of various services we offer. Lazoi has five health cards which are designed to suit the requirements of people from various sections of the society. You will be responsible for selling our services through these health cards designed by us.

As an ambassador all you will need to do is to introduce various people to our health cards and explain the benefits to them. Each time you sell any health card, it will not only provide profits to Lazoi but at the same time boost your earnings. This can prove to be the best form of a concrete part time engagement for you, providing you with additional financial gain. You will be able to help people discover solutions for their medical difficulties at the same time you will be able to amplify your income. There surely cannot be a better profitable combination!

Frequently Asked Question

Who can become an ambassador?

This program is not restricted to any particular age group or profession. Anyone who is passionate about helping and serving people is welcome to join this program.

Is this a part time engagement?
Once you choose to become the Ambassador you will be free to carry out your responsibilities according to your convenience and your timeline. 

How will I benefit?
When you become an ambassador, and sell any of the health cards we offer, you will get a part of the sale you made. You get access to the backend records of your sale, which means you and the company are well aware of each sale you make.

When will the ambassador receive the payment?
At the end of each 15 days you will receive your percentage of the profit from the sum total of your sales. 

What is the mode of payment for the subscribers?
All mode of payment is available with us. This includes, online transactions, card transactions, Paytm and cash transactions. The subscriber can opt to pay through any of these modes. 

Which health card can you sell?
As the ambassador you are authorized to sell all of the five health cards designed by Lazoi. The subscriber is also free to choose any of the cards according to their requirement.
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