About Optometrist Speciality

Vision care is one of the most salient features of an optometrist's job. They are responsible for examining people's eyes and treating problems related to vision. They generally do that by prescribing glasses or contact lenses to correct vision. In case a patient does not need to use spectacles, then they also prescribe medicines to treat the problem the patient is suffering from. They check patients' eyes for signs of injury, disease, etc. They also test if generally the patient is healthy so as to ensure that the eye defect or disease is not a cumulative result of another health issue. Optometrists may also need to write notices referring patients to doctors.

Optometrists examine patients for the disease they are suffering from and conduct proper diagnosis. They test patients' eyes for perception issues and to check if they are suffering from a condition that does not enable them to correctly analyze depth. Optometrists also have the added responsibility of developing an effective treatment plan and provide care to patients before and after eye surgery.

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