About Neuropathologist Speciality

Neuropathologists are specialized doctors who study diseases that affect the nervous system. Some of the conditions neuropathologists are concerned with include Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson's disease. Unlike most doctors, neuropathologists spend more time examining and analyzing tissue samples than working directly with patients. Many neuropathology jobs also include teaching and research responsibilities. A neuropathologist’s primary duties are examining and analyzing specimens obtained from patients. These specimens may be from nerve, muscle or brain tissue or cerebral spinal fluid. In many cases, these samples are obtained during a biopsy or other procedure and sent to the neuropathologist. Neuropathologists work with other medical staff including neurosurgeons and neurophysiologists to assess and manage patient care and treatment.
Many neuropathologists work in teaching hospitals and universities and teach graduate and medical students as a part of their job description. In addition, they might conduct research on neurological diseases to better understand how the disease progresses and to develop treatments.

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