About Geriatrician Speciality

Geriatrics is the study of diseases with the elderly people. Geriatricians have a major role to assess and head elderly patients using a team approach. Geriatrician is the coordinator for elderly patients who have physical and mental disorders. Geriatricians mainly focus on optimizing quality of life and functional ability for their patients instead of seeking definitive cures. A geriatrician uses a holistic approach to deal with the physical, psychological and social problems that patients suffer from. A geriatrician works closely with other professionals and organizations including other therapists, physicians, pain clinics, organizations and home care agencies to satisfy specific needs of each patient.
Common diseases that a geriatrician can treat include: arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, chronic lung and heart diseases, incontinence, general decline, Parkinson's disease, impaired overall function, stroke and other sensory problems.

Geriatricians also analyze different medications that older adults take to ensure that the medications are appropriate and are not causing any serious adverse side effects. Most of the times, medications can also be adjusted to get significant improvement in the wellbeing of the patient. Usually pain and mood disorders like depression are the common disorders in older adults. A geriatrician can also address these problems.

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