About Chest & Allergy Speciality

Allergists or Allergy specialist, also known as immunologists, are doctors specialized in the area of immunology, which means their main purpose is to identify and treat allergic reactions and immunological disorders. These allergic reactions can have many causes and sometimes can lead to serious diseases like asthma, bronchitis, allergic eye disease, atopic dermatitis and many others. Allergy specialists are responsible for performing several tests on allergic patients, discover the causes, and prescribe the adequate treatment. When taking tests and establish treatments, allergy specialists must take into account each patient's medical history to see which other disease he/she might suffer from or if he/she is allergic to certain drugs.
Main responsibilities of an Allergy specialist include finding and analyzing the cause of allergic reactions, performing clinical tests to discover allergies, providing allergist consultancy services to hospitals, asking patients about their allergic reactions and try to identify causes and treat symptoms and more.

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