About Radiation Oncologist Speciality

Oncology is the study of tumours and cancers. A radiation oncologist is a physician who specializes in the treatment of cancer using radiation therapy methods and the study of controlling cancer. Radiation prevents the cancerous cells from reproducing and can also be used to relieve pain from a tumour by shrinking it.
A radiation oncologist has many responsibilities and duties and helps cancer patients destroy cancer cells, relieve pain of tumours and in some cases helps to completely rid the cancer with the use of x-rays, electrons and/or gamma rays. A radiation oncologist heads the treatment team which mostly consists of the radiation oncologist, medical physicist and radiation therapist and works with other physicians such as radiation oncology nurses and technicians, pathologists, and surgeons.
A radiation oncologist will design a cancer treatment plan specific to the patient, and ensure that the plan is precisely carried out by the treatment team.

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