About Pediatric Transplant Hepatologist Speciality

Liver disease affects newborns, toddlers and teenagers and has many adverse effects - not only on liver function, but also on the child's growth, development and intellectual achievement. Chronic liver disease impacts physical and psychosocial development and affects family interactions and dynamics. So a multidisciplinary approach to care and treatment provided by a team of experts in paediatric/Pediatric disorders is essential for the best outcomes.
Paediatric/Pediatric transplant hepatologists in collaboration with other paediatric subspecialists provide a comprehensive approach to treating liver disorders, tailored to your child's needs. Paediatric/Pediatric transplant hepatologists diagnose and treat a wide variety of liver diseases and disorders including acute liver failure, autoimmune hepatitis, biliary atresia, chronic viral hepatitis, liver transplant, metabolic liver disease and so on.

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