About Pediatric Neurologist Speciality

Pediatric / Paediatric neurologists are specialized physicians trained to assist children with mild to severe neurological and behavioural conditions including head injuries and nerve-muscle disorders. A Pediatric / paediatric neurologist will determine the care necessary by examining the patient and obtaining a medical history. Through specialized testing, counselling and sometimes medications, Pediatric / paediatric neurologists are able to diagnose and treat patients and help families to manage care, allowing children with these conditions to live as normal a life as possible.
Pediatric / Paediatric neurologists can work in private practices, the neurology department of a hospital or in special programs for clinical trials and research. Pediatric / Pediatric Paediatric neurologists work closely with other health care professionals such as Pediatricians / paediatricians, hospital staff and psychologists to provide patients with complete and accurate care.

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