About Pediatric Nephrologist Speciality

Pediatric/Paediatric nephrology offers the opportunity to care for children with a wide range of disorders including those with transient conditions such as acute kidney injury that may require acute dialysis in an intensive care setting as well as patient’s immediately post-kidney transplant. In addition, chronic conditions such as hypertension, chronic kidney disease, chronic dialysis, kidney failure, kidney stones, UTI, abnormality in the urine and kidney transplant patients that require long-term follow up are managed by Pediatric/paediatric nephrologists. This allows physicians to develop meaningful, lasting relationships with families as they transition from chronic kidney disease to dialysis and then transplant.
With the opportunity to perform kidney biopsies and provide renal replacement therapies, the sub-specialty appeals to those who are “procedure oriented” without the life-style sacrifices often required in procedure-dominated sub-specialties. Opportunities in both basic and clinical research are limitless.

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