About Otolaryngologist Speciality

Otolaryngologists are doctors who specialize in managing conditions of ears, nose, and throat. Yes, they are ear, nose, and throat doctors. They are usually called ENT doctors. An otolaryngologist is responsible for diagnosis of any conditions of the ear, nose, throat, sinuses, voice box, pharynx, mouth, thyroid, oesophagus, and salivary glands. These disorders may range from viral, bacterial, yeast, or inflammation of both adults and children. It is also their responsibility to determine the treatment for such diseases. Patients with hearing, speech or any other anatomical abnormalities of the ears, nose and throat are also managed by otolaryngologists. These specialists may also recommend devices such as hearing aids. Additionally, they are also responsible in working with trauma patients - vehicular accidents with head or neck injury.
Surgery is another responsibility of an otolaryngologist. They perform procedures such as tonsillectomy, reconstructive surgeries, and rhinoplasty.

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