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What Are The Symptoms Of The Chikungunya Virus?

  • Posted on- Sep 07, 2016
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Technology might have advanced and the advancement in science might be hitting its peak but every now and then a new disease hits the human race in various parts of the world and doctors just stare helplessly into the face of such diseases. One of these diseases is chikungunya.

Chikungunya first came into existence in 1954 in Africa. A few years back it hit the human race once again and since then doctors and researchers have been looking for a suitable vaccine or cure for the disease. A large number of people fell victims to chikungunya in Asia and Africa and ended up losing their lives.

It is important to recognise the symptoms of chikungunya in its initial stages else you might be in for some serious trouble. If you have the following symptoms, it is recommended that you consult a doctor immediately:

Headaches: People suffering from Chikungunya often suffer with headaches frequently. Headaches may go on for days together at a stretch.

Pain in joints and body: People also confront with pain in parts of body especially joints. The pain is frequent and keeps increasing with every passing day. Swelling of joints is another symptom that has been noticed in people suffering from chikungunya.

Nausea and being sick: Vomits and nausea are a common symptom of many diseases and Chikungunya is no exception. The Chikungunya fever often makes the person feel nauseate. Ladies and children vomit at regular intervals of time, more frequently than men.

Bleeding: Bleeding may form a constant feature of the life of a person suffering from Chikungunya. Haemorrhage may occur at times too.

Rashes and chill: One develops rashes on the skin and these rashes keep appearing frequently. A person may also feel cold in even the hottest of weathers.

If someone in your family or friends happens to have these symptoms, it is important to consult a doctor immediately. Chikungunya can be cured in its initial stages. However, it is almost impossible to cure a person suffering from chikungunya once it gets too late.

A lot of research is being put into the matter and there are some herbal vaccines available in the market but it is yet to be seen how effective they prove to be.

The best way to stay away from this fever is to take proper precautions and keep away the mosquitoes. Make sure you keep your surroundings clean and take proper precautions while sleeping.


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27-06-2017 03:27 AM

I had suffered from Chikungunya which was caused by an infection. It is a self relieving disease.

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16-03-2017 05:24 AM

4 weeks back, I was hit by the Chikungunya and it’s almost after some years, I was down with some serious fever and body ache that I have never experienced in my life earlier. I had my treatment done.

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