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Speech Audiometry Screening Test

  • Posted on- Aug 26, 2016
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Our concern and care seems to rotate and revolve only around skin care, hair care and following a health regimen. But often we tend to understate and ignore our five sense organs and most importantly our ears. We even go for a regular check up to dentists but neglect, when it comes to visiting an audiologist. However, it is equally important to go for ear check up if not regularly, then once in a blue moon. Do not tend to ignore any symptom that might be bothering you. Minor symptoms lead to major problems and might cause serious hearing loss if unattended. The doctor defers from prescribing a hearing aid if not required.

The Analysis

Case studies of patients show that the initial problem of listening starts with the accumulation of earwax. Wax, blocking the auditory sense is common in almost all the patients. But this results in several other problems which may cause sudden auditory loss. The wax sometimes block up the entire canal making the person believe that he is suffering from progressive auditory loss. The audiologist goes for a physical examination before issuing any prescription. Sometimes it is detected that the sole cause of the auditory loss is due to the assemblage of earwax. A simple process of washing with water removes the wax. The blockage may be caused due to some foreign objects or particles in the canal may damage the eardrum. If the loss is rigorous then the person must go for a suitable hearing device. The patient while buying any hearing machine must ensure that it tallies with the audiological report.

Speech Audiometry

Some doctors and audiologists prefer prescribing simple test like speech audiometry instead of audiometry or tympanometry. These days the speech-screening test can also be conducted online as well. The speech audiometry test is an important tool in assessing the auditory loss. When pure tone audiometry and speech audiometry is clubbed together, it gives more accurate information on the degree and type of auditory loss. Conducting speech audiometry also helps in the audiological rehabilitation of the person. This test determines the word recognition ability of a person. This examination is conducted to understand the tolerance level and his discomfort zone in reaction to the speech stimulus. Speech audiometry does not require anaesthesia.

The Procedure

The test is performed in a two way room. The audiologists remains in the equipment room where as the patient undergoes the test in the evaluation room. The equipment room has the speech audiometer and has several input and output devices. The test requires earphones. However it can also be conducted through a bone conduction vibrator and also needs loudspeakers.


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27-04-2017 12:17 AM

I have been suffering from vocal issues for a very long time. Suggest me a doctor and help me out.

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01-01-2017 10:40 AM

Agreed to what you shared.

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