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Are you at risk of developing bladder, breast or stomach cancer? - Lazoi
Posted on Mar 28, 2015
Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths around the world. While oncologists know what increases the risk of cancer, most of the cancers occur in people who don’t have any known risk factors. Factors that increase your chances of cancer include:
  • Age: Cancer takes time to develop. That’s why most people who are diagnosed with cancer have crossed 60. While cancer is common in aged people, it cannot be classified as an adult disease- Diagnosis of cancer is not restricted to any age. 
  • Habits: Certain lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive drinking, continuous exposure to the sun, frequent sunburns, unsafe sex, obesity are contributing factors in cancer. You can alter these habits to lower the risk of cancer. 
  • Family background: Only few percent of cancers worldwide are due to an inherited condition. If you have a family history of cancer, it is possible you might have inherited those genes. Hence you become a candidate for genetic testing to check whether those cancerous mutations have passed on to you. Remember, being eligible for test doesn’t mean you’ll get cancer.  
  • Health conditions: Certain health complications such as ulcerative colitis can remarkably increase your chances of developing different kinds of cancer. Talk to your physician about the risk.  
  • Environment: Your surroundings may contain harmful chemicals that can increase the chances of cancer. If you are not a smoker but continuously inhale secondhand smoke, you are at a risk. Even some chemicals at your home or workplace like benzene and asbestos are associated with risk of cancer.
Risk factors for bladder cancer
  1. Smoking: Chain smoking or excessive smoking is the breeding ground for bladder cancer. People, who smoke heavily, started smoking at a young age or who have been smoking for long are at a great risk of bladder cancer
  2. Diabetes: People suffering from diabetes are found to be at risk of developing bladder cancer because of a particular drug used in type-2 diabetes treatment known as thiazolidinedione.
  3. Bladder stones: Bladder stones are tiny lumps of calcium that can form in the urinary system. If you get stones in the bladder, you may at risk of bladder cancer.

Risk factors for breast cancer
  1. Your chances of getting breast cancer go up as you grow old. Approximately two out of three breast cancer cases are found in women 55 or above.  
  2. About 5-10% of breast cancers are genetic caused by abnormal genes passed from parent to child. 
  3. Obese women have a higher risk of developing breast cancer as compared to women who focus on staying healthy.
Risk factors for stomach cancer
  1. There is a strong connection between age, sex and stomach cancer
  2. Smoking is one of the main reasons why there is an increase in stomach cancer cases every year. 
  3. Pickled vegetables, salty foods, processed meat all are linked to stomach cancer. 
  4. Working in rubber industry where you are exposed to inorganic lead compounds can lead to stomach cancer.
Risk factors for pancreatic cancer
  1. Cigars, cigarettes, pipes and chewing tobacco all increase the risk of pancreatic cancer
  2. Certain health conditions like diabetes, tooth or gum disease, stomach ulcer, family history of pancreatitis are responsible for pancreatic cancer. 
  3. Long term swelling of the pancreas is known as chronic pancreatitis. It is linked to developing pancreatic cancer. Cancer when detected at an early stage is definitely curable. 
There are various treatments available to cure cancer and one of them is Radiology. After successful treatment one can lead a normal and healthy life.

Meet the best oncologists in are your area and book appointment if you feel you should get yourself checked once as a precaution.        
Written by : Lazoi Team
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