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Gastroenterology: Know your symptoms before it’s too late

  • Posted on- Mar 24, 2015
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Gastroenterological problems can make it difficult for us to perform day-to-day activities and hamper our office tasks as well. If you encounter digestive problems daily, you may consider to Book an appointment with a gastroenterologist who deals in digestive disorders.

The study of gastroenterology concentrates on the functional properties of digestive system and health conditions associated with it. The digestive tract which assists digestion is composed of organs such as stomach, small & large intestine, esophagus ad rectal area. There are numerous complexities associated with this sensitive organ system. Medical professionals who specialize in this branch of medicine are known as gastroenterologists. Some gastroenterologists study higher and become hepatologists because liver and pancreas provide assistance in digestion.

There are multiple reasons why you must visit a gastroenterologist and one of them is to get a colonoscopy done. It is a common procedure where a patient is anesthetized in order to examine large intestine using a small, flexible camera. Small samples of tissue are collected from the large intestine for biopsy. It is suggested to get a colonoscopy done at latter stages of life because doctors say irregularities in the colon or polyps start when we cross 50.

Some of the common ailments gastroenterologists treat include acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Sometimes, gastroenterologists only require you to express your symptoms so to make the right diagnosis. Heart burn is another name for acid reflux which is accompanied by a burning sensation in esophagus caused due to excessive stomach acid. When at severity, acid reflux may lead to a bad taste in your mouth. Most people have experienced heart burn at least once in the lifetime. It happens because of eating something full of carbohydrates. If you are at the receiving end of acid reflux then book an appointment with your gastroenterologist immediately. Being watchful of what you eat along with certain medications can keep the symptoms at bay and heal any damage that may have been done previously.

Irritable bowel syndrome which leads to irregular bowel syndrome may also cause the heart burn. Some days you may encounter constipation and on some days diarrhea. It’s wise to see a general physician if these symptoms occur frequently. A gastroenterologist may have to take matters in his hands if medication fails to respond. He may want to do further testing to rule out the possibility of a severe disease called Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome.

Gastroenterology and its study has helped countless human beings improve their quality of life. Healthcare practitioners who have expertise in this area are able to help patients by prescribing medications, suggesting diet and supplements that can eradicate the symptoms. If you have crossed 50 or experiencing digestive health issues, it may be the right time to call upon a gastroenterologist.

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11-04-2017 07:17 AM

I got diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome in last year. I am still having constant but dull pain which is manageable without medication.

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22-06-2016 03:47 PM

Acidity is very common and happens mainly due to over excretion of acid in stomach.

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