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Arthritis Management: How to easily manage the pain and discomfort

  • Posted on- Apr 20, 2016
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Exercises for arthritis management are key elements of an effective arthritis treatment regimen. Some may think that these two - exercise and arthritis - are poles apart. Many people who suffer from arthritis will actually deliberately refrain from doing any type of exercise. This is because they are under the misconception that exercise can aggravate the damage in the joints.

Numerous scientific studies that have been done have confirmed the importance of exercise in any arthritis treatment plan. The exercises that are recommended for management of arthritis are typically focused on several medical issues. This element aims to reduce joint pain and stiffness, build strong muscle around the joints, and increase flexibility and endurance.

Essential Elements of Exercises for Arthritis Management

Before you embark on an exercise program for arthritis it is important to discuss this with your doctor. The regimen should properly fit with the requirements of your medical condition. Ask your orthopaedic for a referral to a qualified physiotherapist to manage your exercise program.

The debilitating effect of this bone disease can severely and adversely affect the range of motion of joints. Deliberate reduction of physical activity may even do more harm than good. This can lead to significant muscle loss and excessive weight gain.

A carefully planned exercise program should be a part of a comprehensive arthritis treatment plan. This component of the plan aims to improve joint mobility, muscle strength and overall physical conditioning. It also helps maintain a healthy weight.

It is essential that you formulate exercises for arthritis treatment program with the help of your orthopaedic. Your orthopaedic is the person who knows your medical condition and its symptoms. You and your doctor can develop a relevant program to reduce the damaging effects of arthritis and promote optimal health.

In formulating the amount and form of exercises that will comprise your program, the following issues will be considered:

  • Which joints are involved
  • The amount of inflammation
  • How stable are the joints
  • Post surgery requirements

Effective Forms of Exercises for Arthritis

Following the specific goals of the exercise plan, the specific types of exercises may include:
  • Range of Motion Exercises - This promotes normal joint movement and relieves stiffness. These kinds of exercises also helps maintain or increase flexibility. These types of exercises are also an important form of warm-up and stretching. These should be performed before starting strengthening and endurance exercises
  • Strengthening Exercises - These physical exercises help maintain and increase muscle strength. This in turn promotes and protects joints affected by arthritis. It is a common complaint that arthritis patient find it hard to do these exercises because of painful joints. There are, however, groups of exercises termed "isometrics" that can strengthen muscles without bending the joints.
  • Aerobic or Endurance Exercises These physical exercises seek to improve cardiovascular fitness, help control weight, and improve overall function. Highly recommended exercises under this category include walking, swimming, low-impact aerobic dance, and biking. It may also consider daily activities such as mowing of lawn, raking leaves or playing golf as endurance exercises.

When considering effective and safe exercises for arthritis treatment program, it is essential that your orthopaedic makes the proper recommendations. Your orthopaedic knows your overall medical condition and your requirements in managing and treating your arthritis.


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