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4 of the best natural acne skin treatments available today

  • Posted on- Apr 09, 2016
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More often than not acne just gets easily out of control and your skin definitely gets a thorough bating every time this happens. There are indeed a lot of acne treatments available in the market today however their prices too are easily getting out of hand as well. Unfortunately, having acne problems on your skin can be quite expensive today and on top of that we don't actually live on a time where we can say we can always afford such treatments. With that said, it is really important that you start your search for alternative ways of fighting acne and this can be found with natural acne skin treatments.

Although they used to be ignored, these natural remedies for acne are quite effective and as a matter of fact, they have been long used in the treatment of skin problems. They may have actually been pushed into the shadows for quite some time because of the rapid increase in popularity and demand of commercial cosmetics but they are starting to see the light again today.

Here are some of the best natural acne treatments:

  • Tea Tree Oil - Is a natural antiseptic that is commonly incorporated with a lot of modern acne products today. This treatment should be topically applied to any acne affected area of your skin and this treatment is really effective on clearing out clogged pores on your skin as well as scarring problems.
  • Garlic - This is one of the oldest all around natural remedies in the world. Garlic is a great antibacterial remedy and it can either be used topically on pimples or acne infected areas of your skin or you can take it orally to fully exploit its antioxidant properties. One thing about garlic though is its smell, so you may need to be a bit strong on the nose for this treatment.
  • Turmeric - This natural remedy is widely used on Middle Eastern treatments. It is in fact a very good antibiotic and it is also great in neutralizing the oil production on your skin. To make this treatment very effective, you can use it with a sort of natural exfoliator such as sandalwood so that it would be able to penetrate the skin much better. You sometimes get yellow stains on your skin with this treatment but they do fade quite easily.
  • Basil – It is a universal herb that is mostly used with cooking but it actually has a lot of acne fighting properties. One of them is the antiseptic properties that it has which is very good for soothing infections on the skin brought by acne such as cystic acne or irritations as well. The best way to extract these said acne treating properties is to boil them and extract their oil and use it by applying the oil on the affected areas of your skin.

Finding solace on natural acne skin treatments is a very practical thing to do nowadays. These treatments can give you a sure fire way to save much money and besides that they are much safer on your skin because they do not have any side effects that you should be worried about.


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01-08-2017 05:56 AM

The natural treatments you mentioned are quite beneficial. Will keep these points in mind.

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29-12-2016 11:33 AM

Lot of people ignore these kind of acne or scars present on their body. Treatment should be taken and they should be removed as early as possible.

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