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Shoulder Joint Replacement: Low Cost Treatment Available in India's Leading Hospitals

  • Posted on- Apr 08, 2016
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People suffering from arthritis can develop pain in shoulder. Total hip replacement and knee replacement is well known among the masses. But a person suffering from severe shoulder arthritis can also undergo total shoulder replacement. It is the best solution to reduce the pain and improve shoulder motion in the person suffering from this situation. When an individual suffers from severe arthritis, movement of shoulder becomes quite painful and can even be restricted. The pain can be reduced by some medications but it is not the long term solution for the patient. So the best solution in such cases is total shoulder replacement surgery.

If a person is suffering from severe arthritis pain, movement is restricted then it is better for the patient to undergo this treatment. Shoulder joint replacement is the best solution for the treatment of severe arthritis of the shoulder joint. By undergoing Total Shoulder replacement surgery, patient can get relief from pain by replacing the damaged bone and cartilage with a plastic and metal implant.

Symptoms of shoulder arthritis

  • Limited motion of shoulder
  • Swelling of the joint
  • Pain with activities
  • A feeling of grinding or catching within the joint
  • Stiffness of the shoulder
  • Tenderness around the joint

Procedure for Shoulder Joint Replacement

A shoulder joint replacement is done under general anaesthesia. Joint replacement involves surgery to replace the ends of bones in a damaged joint. This surgery creates new joint surfaces. An incision about six inches long is then made over the shoulder joint. The incision is gradually made deeper through muscle and other tissue until the bones of the shoulder joint are exposed. Doctors replace the ends of the damaged upper arm bone (humerus) and usually the shoulder bone (scapula) or cap them with artificial surfaces lined with plastic or metal. Shoulder joint components may be held in place with cement, or they may be made with material that allows new bone to grow into the joint component over time to hold it in place without cement.

The top end of your upper arm bone is shaped like a ball. Muscles and ligaments hold this ball against a cup-shaped part of the shoulder bone. Surgeons usually replace the top of the upper arm bone with a long metal piece, inserted into your upper arm bone that has a rounded head. If the cup-shaped surface of your shoulder bone that cradles your upper arm bone is also damaged, doctors smooth it and then cap it with a plastic or metal and plastic piece.

Nowadays surgeons are trying a newer procedure called a reverse total shoulder replacement for people who have painful arthritis in their shoulder and also have damage to the muscles around the shoulder. In this procedure, after the surgeon removes the damaged bone and smooths the ends, he or she attaches the rounded joint piece to the shoulder bone and uses the cup-shaped piece to replace the top of the upper arm bone.

A shoulder joint replacement lasts about 90 minutes, and the incision is then closed with staples or stitches. Patients typically stay in the hospital for one to two nights, and full recovery usually takes six to 12 weeks. Shoulder replacement surgery has a success rate of over 90 percent. Shoulder replacement surgery is performed in a hospital by orthopaedic surgeons with specialized training in shoulder joint replacement surgery.

Shoulder replacement, hip replacement, hip resurfacing, knee replacement surgery and other most advanced computer navigated joint replacement surgery is done at several hospitals in India such as Apollo Hospital in Delhi which compares with the U.S.A & U.K.


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22-07-2017 06:53 PM

Great information shared. Will contact Lazoi in future for Sure.

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22-01-2017 06:17 AM

I had met with an accident 2 years ago which resulted in the limited motion of shoulder and swelling of the joint. Doctor told me to go through shoulder joint replacement.

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