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What is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)? What is its importance

  • Posted on- Mar 28, 2016
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There are many couples that have a hard time conceiving children on their own, and that is why there are assisted reproductive technology methods available nowadays. Using a method such as intrauterine insemination can help increase the chances of having a child. Intrauterine Insemination involves sperm being implanted into the woman's uterine cavity. This is a well known and has a great success rate of getting a couple pregnant.

How intrauterine insemination functions?

Intrauterine insemination is considered to be an artificial insemination method and helps to utilize sperm as a way to overcome infertility. The sperm is processed and is placed inside the woman's uterus.

History associated with intrauterine insemination

Artificial insemination got its roots back in the olden days when it was used on farm animals, and especially animals that needed genetics improved including dairy cows. This began the path to use artificial insemination on humans and it also gave the science field a new foundation of harvesting embryos as well as cloning them.

What is the importance of intrauterine insemination?

There are thousands of couples each year that find they cannot have children on their own after trying for a year of unprotected sex. There are many couples who suffer infertility issues and there are others where there is no significant issue causing them to be infertile. Intrauterine insemination can be one of the many options and it can also help to increase chances of having a child if the problem is on the part of the male having a lower sperm count or even an issue with sperm mobility.

What intrauterine insemination is all about?

There are a few steps in regards to how intrauterine insemination is done. This is a rather easy and simple procedure and it begins with the woman taking fertility medications. This helps produce more eggs and at the same time the make partner is going to have to prepare for giving a sample that will be returned to the clinic. This sperm will be examined and cleaned as well to prepare it for being placed inside the woman. This process works together with a woman's ovulation period. During this time her cervix is cleaned and prepared for this process. The sperm that is clean and purified is then placed inside the woman's uterus by way of a catheter. The first cycle only has an estimated 10 to 20% success.

What are the benefits of intrauterine insemination?

The intrauterine insemination procedure will give a couple the opportunities to have a child of their own due infertility. This process helps to maximize the amount of sperm that will eventually reach the fallopian tubes of a woman. Intrauterine insemination helps in increasing the chances of eggs being fertilized and leading to a successful pregnancy.

Things to consider regarding intrauterine insemination

Intrauterine insemination is an ideal procedure that will benefit women who are of reproductive age and have healthy eggs. This is also going to be beneficial if the man has a decent amount of healthy sperms. As far as women who are 40 or older, the success rate is not going to be very high and the same goes for women who have blocked fallopian tubes.


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