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How to best prepare yourself before and after holi

  • Posted on- Mar 22, 2016
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Holi is around the corner and if you are in the game, somebody will find you and throw you into a pool of colours. Not taking enough precautions will expose you to a slew of skin problems in the coming days, so better gear up already with following expert advice on before and after Holi preparations.

Before-Holi preparation tips

  • Apply sunscreen lotion about 20 minutes before going out in the sun. Ten minutes after applying sunscreen, a “cover cream” containing sandalwood should be applied. This forms a transparent protection over the skin. If you don’t have a cover cream, apply foundation lightly.
  • Apply leave-on conditioner or hair serum before playing holi. This protects the hair from the effects of sun exposure and dryness caused by colours.
  • Apply transparent nail varnish on the nails. This will help to protect the nails from absorbing holi colours.

After-Holi care tips for skin

  • Make your own cleanser by taking half a cupful of cold milk and adding one teaspoonful of any vegetable oil, such as sesame, olive or sunflower oil to it. Mix the two well. Finally, dip cotton wool into this mixture and use it to cleanse the face.
  • For oily or combination skin, take half teaspoonful of lemon juice, add one teaspoonful each of cucumber juice and cold milk. Apply on the face and massage gently for a couple of minutes. Then leave the combination on for 10 minutes and wipe it off with moist cotton wool. Then wash with plenty of plain water.
  • Mix two tablespoonfuls of olive or sesame seed oil with half a cupful of curd and one tablespoonful each of lemon juice and honey. Also, add a little turmeric. Apply this on the face, neck and arms. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash off with water. This home remedy helps in removing colours and tan.
  • Take one cupful of sesame seeds, two tablespoonfuls each of dried mint leaves, olive oil, honey and lemon juice. Crush the sesame seeds coarsely and powder the dried mint leaves. Mix with oil, honey and lemon juice. Sesame seeds actually have sun protective properties and can therefore, soothe sun-damaged skin. It also helps to remove tan and produce an even colour tone. Mint has a stimulating effect and adds a glow to the skin, while honey moisturizes and softens it. Oil and lemon juice can help in getting rid of chemically treated colours. Rub this home remedy gently on the face, neck and arms. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off with water.
  • Ripe papaya can be an excellent cleanser. Mix gram flour, curd, lemon juice and one tablespoonful of coconut oil to form a paste. Apply the mixture on the face and body, rub it gently on the skin and wash off with plenty of water.

After-Holi care tips for nails

First, use cool water to wash your nails. Then add a tablespoonful of almond oil and two tablespoonfuls of vinegar or lemon juice. Mix the ingredients well. Then, put your finger tips into the cup and soak for 10 minutes. Wash off and rub nails with a piece of chamois leather (easily available at a cosmetic shop).

After-Holi care tips for hair

  • First, rinse your hair with plenty of cool water to wash off the colours and pieces of mica and to prevent them from settling on the scalp. Apply pure coconut oil to the hair, lightly massaging the scalp. After an hour, apply the juice of a lemon to the scalp and wash the hair after 15 minutes.
  • Heat sesame oil and apply it to the scalp and hair. Use the white of an egg to apply it to your hair. Then wash the hair after half an hour. After shampooing, mix the juice of a lemon and half a cup of rose water in a mug of water and use as last rinse.
  • Add a handful each of dry reetha, amla and shikakai to one litre of water and soak overnight. Next day, simmer them all over low flame till the water reduces to half. Cool, strain and keep in fridge. The liquid is enough for four hair washes. Avoid making large quantities at a time.
  • Mix together one egg, one tablespoonful of castor oil, the juice of a lemon and one tablespoonful of aloe vera gel or juice. Apply the mixture to the hair and wear a plastic shower cap. Wash the hair after half an hour.
  • Mix one tablespoonful of coconut oil with methi seed’s powder and curd. After rinsing the hair with plain water, apply this pack to the hair and shampoo after half an hour. Doing this cools the scalp, relieves itching and removes colour.


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06-09-2016 10:31 AM

Holi is a colorful festival which is played with lots of love and energy.

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09-07-2016 10:41 AM

Prior to holi, oil can be putted in the hair and cream can be applied to the skin before going out to play holi.

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