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Happy Holi: Watch out for those damaging colors

  • Posted on- Mar 21, 2016
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With just few days to go for the “Festival of Colors”, doctors have started issuing warnings about chemical-laden colors selling in the market. These colors, which are primarily made up of Copper Sulphite and Mica, pose a serious threat to our skin and eyes. Dermatologists recommend using herbal colors made up of sandal, turmeric and tesu.

Medical professionals warn that colors in the market are composed of harmful synthetic dyes which trigger skin allergies and cause irritation. A solid material like silica which is used in these colors is rasping. They further elaborate that individuals suffering from asthma, thyroid and diabetes are at increased risk of developing skin allergies and infections as they have dry skin.

If these colors enter the eyes, one might encounter mild to severe irritation or redness. “Every Holi we see a huge rush of patients visiting hospitals suffering severe damage to the eyes. Allergic conjunctivitis, chemical burns, blunt eye are some of the most common issues that hamper the eyes,” say prominent ophthalmologists. An individual who suffers from corneal abrasion may encounter extreme pain and watery eyes. If one does not acquire professional opinion from an eye specialist, the situation may get worse leading to an ulcer formation. Doctors suggest wearing protective gear like glasses to restrict colors going into the eyes.

Cardiologists say that heart patients should avoid Cannabis (Bhaang) as it can increase the heart rate and also cause an unexpected increase in blood pressure.

What to avoid while playing Holi 

  • GULAAL: It contains two dangerous items, a colorant which is toxic in nature and a base which could be composed of silica or asbestos both capable of causing health hazards.
  • PASTES: They contain harmful chemicals that can cause blindness and dermatitis.
  • WATER COLORS: They are responsible for discoloration, skin allergy, dermatitis and various other skin related problems.

Children and adults indulge in an unsafe and unhealthy Holi, which includes throwing water balloons at unsuspecting passersby. Being a responsible parent, you must teach your children what to and what not to do while celebrating Holi. Here are some important dos and don’ts of Holi:

  • Discourage your children to play Holi with eggs, mud, tar or gutter water. Never turn a blind eye to such unclean ways of celebration.
  • Avoid use of abir as it has flakes of mica.
  • Teach your children to respect other's independence during Holi. For instance, you should stop your children from forcing Holi celebrations on a hesitant neighbor.
  • If you do not want your children and family to participate in the revelry, have a nice and quiet holiday at home. Teach them not to fall prey to pressure.
  • Avoid loud and rowdy Holi parties, which might spoil the family environment. Children get accustomed to such parties at a very early age and tend to repeat the same type of celebrations later in life.
  • Don't walk alone on the streets on the Holi day. You'll be a sure target for miscreants.
  • Play Holi only with a group of close friends and relatives as against strangers.
  • Use only powdered color and water.
  • Keep a big bucket of water handy for your children, so that they do not resort to gutter water and other unclean sources.
  • Roll your windows up while driving your car.
  • Be available at one venue throughout Holi, especially if you want to avoid rowdy Holi revelers.
  • Always take some moments off to know the cultural significance of Holi. It is a festival of color, a harbinger of the spring season, and not a dirty game.

Lazoi wishes you a happy, prosperous and a safe Holi. Let’s play together, stay together and don’t harm anyone!


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