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Eye Specialists take on contact lenses

  • Posted on- Mar 18, 2016
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There are several kinds of contact lenses available across the globe and used for a wide range of conditions. But one common thing that every lens-user shares is the difficulty in keeping them away from dust and dirt. In short, they don’t have the correct knowledge on using appropriate cleaning and hygiene measures which are pivotal in avoiding any serious problem.

The 2 colloquial problems faced by people using wrong methods of cleaning and caring contact lenses are:

  • The peril of fostering an eye infection
  • Less oxygen reaching the front of the eye

So, is it paramount to take good care of lenses? Well, yes, otherwise you may end up losing your vision. If the infection starts and not treated by an eye specialist in time, it can develop into a serious ulcer hampering the vision. Moreover, if the eye doesn't receive proper levels of oxygen through lenses, it can make your vision blurred and cause long-lasting damage to the cornea.

What needs to be remembered when taking care of contact lenses?

Eye specialists say the best time to look after your contact lens depends on the kind you use. The routine varies according to the material used, whether it’s made of rigid material or soft one. It also depends on whether you are using a daily disposable lens or a lens that is designed to last for a specific period of time.

Generally, all lenses require careful cleaning after they have been worn for a day. This involves placing the lens on the palm and then acutely washing it with your finger tip. This exercise cleans the surface of the lens of any deposits.

If lenses are not in use for some duration, it is important to follow this routine prior to the night of wearing lenses. For better results, it’s good to follow guidelines given inside the lens-solution bottle.

Do I need to do more for lens safety?

The following tips need to be applied when taking care of lenses regardless of the material:
  • Special care must be taken of hands before starting the procedure of lens cleaning. Always wash hands with an antibacterial soap prior to cleaning lenses.
  • Do not use domestic water to clean the lenses. Tap water usually contains dust particles that are invisible to the naked eye. These particles can prove to be harmful to the eyes. One should not enter swimming pool keeping contact lenses on.
  • Contact lens cases should be cleaned regularly. A case filled with dust and mites is a serious cause of eye infection. Eye specialists say when cleaning the cases, use bottled solution or boiling water.
  • Unless your lenses are designed in such a way that you can sleep wearing them, eye specialists say one should avoid such thing.

What happens when a problem occurs with contact lenses?

If you experience issues such as redness, pain, discharge or reduced vision, you can follow enlisted measures:
  • Remove the lenses pack them into the case and walk up to the store from where you purchased them. Ask them to check for any disintegration.
  • Consult your eye specialist. He will closely examine your eye for any damages caused by the lenses.


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05-11-2017 06:44 AM

I will take care of these things and will keep my contact lenses intact.

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05-05-2017 01:37 PM

The information you shared is very useful for them who uses contact lenses. Great work done.

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