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Back Surgery

  • Posted on- Jan 25, 2016
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Back surgery is often a difficult choice to consider. However, people are seen taking resort in it when they have tried all the non surgical options like physical therapies, medications and other things. Surgery at such junctures comes out as a resort to get rid of the back pain. It promises both the benefits and risks, which are to be considered before you think of deciding any with the help of your surgeon. There fore learning about the spine or back surgery before taking any decision will help you in understanding the pros (benefits) and cons (risks) of the surgery. Let’s dig in deep into this surgery and unveil much about the same as under:

Benefits of Back Surgery

The basic benefit you can reap with back surgeries is that you get rid of the back pain, which has been bugging you a lot, while there are other benefits as well, which are as follows:

  •                  Enhanced level of physical activities

  •                Good physical fitness

  •                 Good mood

  •                   Fewer amounts of pain medicines without any side effects

  •               Ability to resume work soon

  •     ?        Greater amount of productivity level

Risks of Back Surgery

Unlike the benefits, the back surgery is also seen with a couple of risks, which are as under:

  • ?        Anesthesia or drugs reactions

  • ?        Bleeding

  • ?        Infection

  • ?        The Blood clots in the legs or lungs of the patients

  • ?        Heart stroke

  • ?        The Recurrent disc herniation

?        Damages in nerves resulting in paralysis,weakness, pain, loss of bowel, bladder control and sexual dysfunction.

Benefits of Back Surgery in Mumbai

Mumbai being an important city of India is a place for a number of activities including having the base of highly competitive spine and neurology hospitals. It is abreast with one of the best facilities and equipment's, which help the global patients to get the best back surgeries with quality and affordability. Most of the hospitals dealing with the back surgery in India are accredited with groups like JCI and other similar agencies, which together promise high quality services. It is the base of the best surgeons and experts, which give enough opportunities to the global patients to get rid of the back pain.

Best Five Spine surgeons in Mumbai

India is the home top surgeons and spine experts, how about checking the best five surgeons in Mumbai asunder:

1). Dr. Arvind Kulkarni - Orthopedist in Mumbai      

He heads the known hospital called Mumbai Spine Scoliosis & Disc Replacement Center as a senior spinal surgeon apart from being a big name in Bombay Hospital and other similar high end hospitals. He is known for his expertise and huge experience in dealing with back pain issues and other spinal problems. He is a master in carrying out minimally invasive surgeries and has his name in Limca Book of Records for carrying out the maximum number of these surgeries in 2007.

2). Dr. Mihir Bapat, Spine Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Mihir is not an unknown name when it comes to back and spinal surgeries. He heads the orthopedic department giving one of the best services to the global patients and known to have delivered more than thousand surgeries with great success. He has been attached to all the leading hospitals in Mumbai and other places and is known to have presented papers in global conferences apart from publishing them in leading medical journals.

3). Dr. Satyen Mehta - Spine Surgeon in Mumbai

He is a senior Consultant Spine Surgeon having his base in Mumbai apart from being known for being attacked to a number of big hospitals in this city and other places in India. He has worked in countries like Australia and South Korea apart from India. He has also worked at United Kingdom and has an interest in microscopic (minimally invasive) spine surgeries.

4). Dr. Gautam Zaveri, Orthopaedic Consultant India

He is a leading name in India when it comes to spine surgeries having his education completed from US. He has a huge experience of working in countries like US, UK, Canada and in India. He is known to have given the best results carrying out more than thousand surgeries with edge and professionalism.

5). Dr. Nikhil Arbatti, Spine Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Nikhil J Arbatti is also one of the leading Top Spine Surgeons in Mumbai who has more than a decades experience in spinal treatment and care. He has done his masters in general surgery followed by specialization in spine, which gave him the opportunity to work in India and abroad. He was present in a number of medical conferences dealing with spinal issues besides publishing his papers in leading journals and newspapers.


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30-08-2016 08:52 PM

I was diagnosed with 2 slipped discs about 5 years ago. I hurt my back. I had my treatment done and now I am fine.

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04-07-2016 10:18 PM

I was suffering from backache for a very long time. I had my treatment done from a physiotherapist and the results are fine. Now, I am not having such type of pain.

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