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Premarital Counselling: Mantra for a successful marriage

  • Posted on- Jan 16, 2016
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Getting married is one of the most important events of your life but what follows this holy matrimony is much important than the event itself. That is the reason why you want to make sure that this lifelong journey has a smooth road ahead. But in most cases it is the exact opposite, thereby leading to problems in married life. Research over a period of five decades clearly shows this fact. So what are the reasons that make your married life go astray and into the realm of disappointment, discouragement, disillusionment and divorce? Why is it that the love you had for each other before the marriage can disappear in a flash and lead emotional stress, depression, and ever more frequent quarrels?

The answer may very well be the lack of solid premarital counselling. Pre-marriage counselling can really help you get prepared for what's coming your way and how to deal with it in an effective way.

Premarital counselling can be supplemented by a skilled counsellor who can help couples identify potential reasons of conflict that could pop up in the future. Clear communication and "reasonable expectations" are very valuable tools in warding off serious divisions in the future. Relationship assessment is another important resource used by many to prepare for their future. The Couple Checkup will show areas of strength and growth that can help couples gain a better understanding of each other. Some of the tools include questions on interests & activities, personal communication, religion, marriage expectations, family issues, finances, sexuality and many other key topics that determine one's mental makeup. Based on the results couples and their counsellor will receive a very comprehensive picture of exactly what is needed to build and maintain a healthy relationship. Premarital counselling is therefore a very convenient and effective tool to help couples avoid future problems.

Although premarital counselling is not cure-all for marriages it can greatly reduce the incidence of divorce and help the couple maintain a strong bond throughout their marriage. Most studies show a 30% reduction in divorce with those that have at least six sessions of pre-marriage counselling. Premarital counselling will help in unearthing false or unrealistic expectations and give couples a better view of what marriage is really like. They will realize that there will be good and bad times, but they can make if they work together.

In most cases, premarital counselling is taken with the assistance of a skilled counsellor, as they can help a couple dig a little deeper. But if they chose to use the material themselves, or a counsellor is not available, much can be accomplished on their own. The most important thing is to get premarital counselling on top your list for things to do and be pre-emptive on avoiding things that could potentially destroy your relationship in the future. Look for a professional premarital counselling session with experts in the field and start today to develop a positive, strong and healthy outlook toward the relationship.

In conclusion, marriage is an important milestone- perhaps inevitable. One has to understand its place in life & be mentally geared up. One has to acquire the right perspective of marriage and arm oneself with the knowledge as to how to select a compatible partner. A person has to understand the challenges likely to be encountered after marriage, and the ways and means to overcome them to make the marriage successful. This is highly achievable with an efficient premarital counselling.


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04-03-2018 09:59 PM

People should be encouraged to go through this counselling and get desired results.

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27-08-2017 06:52 PM

Nicely written and very informative. This counselling should be taken by most of the new couples and then live a happy married life.

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