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Amazing skin care tips for winters

  • Posted on- Jan 20, 2015
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Skin care is one of the major concerns that everybody has to deal with in winters. In the winter season, skin becomes dry and wrinkled, cracks get formed all over body hurting and pinching, hair starts producing dandruff and lips become chapped. The main cause of all these problems is dryness which gets more heightened due to the weather condition in winters.

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There is nobody who does not want to have well nourished and glowing skin even in winters. While people are seen struggling with finding solutions to their skin problems caused by winter, for example, buying a lot of expensive lotions and other skin care products to combat dryness, pimples, dullness and chapped lips, the solutions are simple and easy but they require extra care. Some tips for skin care in winters are given below:

  • As not everybody has dry skin and needs to take so much care of their skin but people with normal to oily skin also need to pay attention in winters. 

  • Use glycerin as it is very effective and cheap solution to the dryness, so either apply it directly or choose skin care products (soaps, lotions etc.) which have glycerin in it. Glycerin can be applied all over the body including face after having bath. 

  • Hot water bath feels so soothing in winter but it increases the dryness of the skin and robs it off vital oils. Hence,it must be avoided. 

  • Try hot oil body massage with the oil that is suitable for your body type. Massage improves blood circulation and if done with oil (especially when the oil is warm or hot), it helps the oil penetrate deep into the skin giving more nutrition to the body. 

  • Apply lots of cold creams on your face. Creams are thicker and oil based, and provide protective layer on the skin. Moisturizers,on the other hand, are light and are not considered as a good option in winters. 

  • You can not get by without sunscreen in summers. Never forget, use of sunscreen is equally important and required in winters. It protects our skin from harmful sun rays. So, next time you go out in sunlight, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face and hands, and other areas of the body which are exposed to the sun rays. 

  • Exfoliate, as dead skin and oil that get layered on the skin block the pores. That is why, even in winters, when moisturizing is must, exfoliation is equally important. 

  • On face, use only normal to cold water but if cold water feels unbearable, use only lukewarm water and never use hot water for face. 

  • Don’t forget to remove makeup before going to bed. If makeup stays overnight, it will cause acne and other skin problems. 

  • To avoid chapping of lips, always keep them moisturized with good quality lip balms, petroleum jelly or desi ghee. 

  • Drinking water, minimum 7-8 glasses each day, works wonder in keeping the entire body and skin hydrated, and is required even in winters. 

  • No matter how comfortable one feels while having hot beverages in winters, such as tea and coffee, but such drinks including alcohol cause more harm than good by dehydrating the body and increasing the dryness of the skin, and should be kept to minimal. 

  • Dip hands and feet in warm water with few drops of lemon in it this is to avoid dryness and chapping of hands and feet. This must be followed by little bit of exfoliating and then gentle massage with oil or cold cream. 

The tips mentioned above are very easy and amazingly simple to follow, and yet are very effective and powerful skin care in winters. However click here to fix an appointment with a skin specialist if your skin needs medical treatment.


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08-07-2017 03:36 AM

My skin of the face was having some dead skin cells in it, then I decided to go through chemical peeling process, after having it the results are very good and my appearance has changed.

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17-12-2015 07:52 AM

The tips which you have given for skin care in winters can be very beneficial. Will try to keep all these points in mind.

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