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Your Guide to Masturbation

  • Posted on- Dec 11, 2015
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Masturbation is a very common behaviour where people touch their own genitals for sexual arousal and pleasure. Males will often stroke or rub the penis, and females will often touch themselves on or near their clitoris (a bump above the opening of the vagina that is usually very sensitive to the touch). Sometimes when people masturbate they have an orgasm - sometimes they don’t. Just like sex, masturbation is a personal and private act - while nothing to be ashamed of, it is something that is generally kept private.

Who Masturbates?

Regardless of age, gender, culture, religion, or race, masturbation has been found in all societies. According to a study, around 90% of the total male population and 65% of the total female population masturbate from time to time.

Why Do People Masturbate?

  • To learn about what feels good to them and how they like to be stimulated or pleasured
  • To experience pleasure
  • To relieve tension (sexual tension or general tension)
  • To relieve stress
  • To engage in sex when a partner is unavailable or does not want to have sex
  • To relax

Benefits of Masturbation

A number of studies have proven the benefits of self-pleasuring to mental, social, and physical health:
  • One of the benefits of masturbation is that it is a way to release sexual tension and desire without involving anyone else and placing yourself at risk for unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of STDs. Abstinence is the only way to be 100% safe from unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of STDs. Those who choose to be abstinent may find masturbation as a healthy outlet for any sexual feelings.
  • Many teens do not yet feel emotionally ready to handle all of the feelings that are involved in being sexually active. Again, masturbation can be a helpful outlet for people who are not yet emotionally ready for sex.
  • For teens going through puberty and learning about all of the changes their bodies are going through, masturbation is a safe way to explore the body and learn about physical changes going on.
  • Some experts believe that masturbation can improve sexual health and relationships. When people explore their own bodies through masturbation before they start being physically intimate with others - once they start in sexual relationships they are often more able to know what is sexually pleasing and communicate that to their partners.

There are no harmful side effects of masturbation. However, some people report feeling guilty about masturbating and negative feelings associated with any behaviour can threaten a person's health and well being.

A person can get addicted to masturbation if it interferes with other aspects of your life such as relationships, school, or work or hinders you from fulfilling your regular commitments and responsibilities.

Is excessive masturbation harmful?

Excessive masturbation would be several times a day. Some doctors even recommend keeping ejaculation (not masturbation) frequency down to two or three times a week. But if you indulge in masturbation for no good reason for a long time and you regularly practice it, it might cause serious trouble.

Excessive masturbation can put you in serious trouble such as bending of penis, shrinkage of penis, premature ejaculation, lower back pain, reduced reaction, loss of sexual pleasure because your orgasm become week. Above all it affects your real relationship with opposite sex. You feel you are not enough for them. Things like premature ejaculation can put a severe dent in your relationship depending on how serious it is.

Situations that can lead to excessive masturbation

  • You do not have friends
  • You always indulge with yourself
  • You do not feel the need to mingle with others. You are your own best friend
  • You masturbate whenever you get a chance
  • You create situations for yourself in order to masturbate
  • You try new techniques because the old ones got boring
  • You do it just because you can’t fall asleep or you are alone
  • You don’t feel the need for a relationship just because you are happy with yourself. You are always satisfied
  • You do it once or twice a day every day
  • You can’t skip a single day without masturbation, or can hardly skip
  • There is no end of it that you can ever stop it
  • You never get bored with because you continue to change your fantasies

Generally, masturbation (not excessive masturbation) is a perfectly normal and safe sexual behaviour for both men and women. Actually, it is recommended to explore yourself: this way you'll know what you like and what you don't like, it may help you become more comfortable with your own sexuality. You'll be more able to develop stronger and satisfying sexual relationship. It may even be helpful to reduce stress. And most of all it is better to masturbate than to play around with no protection. Masturbation eliminates the potential for transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Same is true for pregnancy.


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21-01-2018 02:01 AM

I used to masturbate a lot to experience pleasure and to relieve stress.

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28-02-2016 05:00 AM

Excess of anything can be harmful, same as that in case of Masturbation. This should be done in a very limited manner.

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