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Diwali and our health: Tips to cut down calories during Diwali

  • Posted on- Nov 10, 2015
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Diwali is known as festival of lights and sweets. You cannot keep away from calories during Diwali. However, if you follow smart ways of cutting down calories, you can definitely stay away from calories this Diwali.

A festival means food, sweets and all sorts of rich food. It becomes very difficult for health conscious people to maintain their diet and keep a check on their calorie intake. Many fear gaining weight and do not eat sweets or opt for rich and festive food items just because they will gain weight.

Well, if you stay a little bit careful and consciously eat, you will be able to cut calories and avoid gaining weight this Diwali. Just keep in mind that it is a matter of calories that counts here. No matter whether you eat a while plate of salad with some cereal or a small piece of sweet, if you get the calories you need, you should stop there.

Simple ways to cut down calories this Diwali It is almost impossible to cut down calories during Diwali. However, you can try to cut down calories by using the following smart ways:

  • Prepare yourself for the Diwali: This means you need to be careful from few days in advance and have a check on your calorie intake right from the morning of Diwali. You can replace your usual breakfast with food items that have minimum calories so that you can have space for more calories in the evening when you will have to meet friends and relatives.
  • Cut calories at work: Avoid drinking 4-5 cups of tea or coffee when at work. This will help you cut down 200-250 calories.
  • Cut down Intake of Aerated drinks: Drinking aerated drinks with lunch means additional 145 calories. Avoid this and you will have a good space.
  • Workout: Make up your mind to add some time to your workout schedule before and after Diwali. This will help you shred some of the additional weight and also prepare your body not to absorb fat through sweets and other rich food items.
  • Alcoholic drinks: Avoid taking alcohol before and on Diwali night also. This will not only save you from a lot of extra calories but also help you enjoy the festival properly.
  • Food rich in fibre and water: Try to opt for food items that are rich in fibre and enjoy your food while you eat.
  • Take small portions: This becomes very important when you have to visit friends and relatives the Diwali night. Eating less will help you eat sweets and food items from different friends.
  • Choose low calorie sweets: Sweets are also divided into two categories. You should choose low calorie sweets so that you do not have to disappoint your host.
  • Dinner: Pay attention to what you take at dinner. Since this is at your home you can either take low calorie food items, no carb diet or simply drink a glass of buttermilk and skip dinner. It is completely up to you and what you want to have the entire evening.
  • Visiting Friends: When you visit your friends and relative, try to take some nuts rather than sweets. Nuts are healthy and save you from a lot of calorie intake too.

Therefore, if you keep few things in mind and follow the tips, you will be able to watch out your calorie intake this Diwali. Just stay a bit conscious when you are eating and remember Diwali comes every year. In fact there are many festivals that are also important and so eating too much at one time will lead adding weight. You can maintain your weight until Diwali and can also workout and shred it after Diwali. So, enjoy and have a good time.


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06-07-2017 06:56 PM

The points you mentioned are nice. Will try to keep these things in mind and cut down calories as much as possible.

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20-12-2015 07:26 PM

Don’t eat excess of sweets as it will further result in gain in weight and opt for rich & festive food items.

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