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What are food supplements?

  • Posted on- Nov 02, 2015
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A dietary food supplement is intended to provide nutrients to your body that are either missing from the food you eat or you are just not consuming adequate amounts for many different reasons. The reasons are as vast as our lifestyles. Various lifestyles can dictate why you need to increase your nutrients. For instance, an athlete expends a lot of energy working out and needs additional nutrients. Someone who is pregnant needs added nutrients for the baby.

Dieters trying to lose weight decrease their food intake. Children need more for growing bodies, just watch a teenage boy eat, his body is constantly telling him to add more nutrients by screaming I'm hungry. The elderly do not expend as much energy they eat less so they are not getting enough nutrients. Medications can also suppress the appetite. You could run the gamut on the different diets that people eat anywhere from fast food to raw whole foods. Even if you are eating a very healthy diet, you may just want to compliment it to assure you are getting enough nutrients every day.

In order to consume all the nutrients our body needs each and every day we would have to consume a wide variety of diverse foods. Different categories of food contain assorted nutrients in varying amounts. Taking a dietary food supplement does not take the place of eating. It is meant to add and enhance the nutrients we provide our body with everyday. There are just as many different types of a dietary food supplement as there are different types of foods in quality and nutritional value.

These supplements come in different forms, such as liquid, powder or in a pill. Ones that come from natural whole foods are derived from plant sources and contain the highest nutritional value. All their elements are balanced and work together synergistically, just like in nature. They consist of phyto nutrients, the organic components that occur naturally in plants and are thought to have health promoting qualities. More common ones are beta carotene found in leafy greens, sweet potato, and carrots lycopene is found in tomatoes. Macro nutrients are required in larger amounts as in amino acids, proteins, macro minerals, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and fats. Micro nutrients are minerals or trace elements that are required in smaller amounts. Antioxidants prevent cellular oxidation and enzymes convert molecules into a usable form.

Now consider this, over the years science has discovered many different nutrients, and they are always revealing new ones. Envision the possibilities of all the healing elements from nature’s valuable plant sources that science has not yet discovered.

Providing healthy nutrients everyday is vital for rebuilding your cells and creating health. If you want to be on top of the health game, choosing a supplement that comes from whole foods is a wise choice since they provide such a wide range of nutrients. Imagine getting a complete spectrum of these nutrients from one dietary food supplement.


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28-01-2018 07:02 PM

There was a time when I could not get out of bed. I consulted with my nutritionist and started taking some natural supplements that helped me out of my hormones and stay away from the darker emotions.

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12-01-2016 04:14 PM

Agreed to the information shared. Intake of food supplements like these results in rebuilding your cells and creating health.

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