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Daily Exercise- Why you should do them everyday

  • Posted on- Dec 17, 2014
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Daily exercise can prove to be as effective as life changing experience for some while others have made it their lifestyle to live healthy and long life and daily exercise provides them with more energy and strength to face every day challenges. Daily exercise gives you younger, fitter and thinner looks, yet another motivation to do exercise regularly. Exercise does not mean just doing those boring exercises some other forms of physical activities can also be taken up. Exercises such as walking, jogging, running or even dancing can also be added in your daily routine. This way people not only have fun and feel better but also gain health benefits. So you can go for dance classes or martial arts or any other outdoor games. It has to be something you enjoy doing and should be able to engage you completely in it.

Yoga, Tai Chi or even dance is good form of stretching exercises. Some other exercises are free weights, resistance bands and machines that help to build strong muscles while walking, aerobics, swimming etc. are endurance or conditioning exercises. All are very good as far as mental and physical health is concern. However, all physical exercises should be done with precaution especially when these exercises involve movements of joint or if you already have some health problems.

Not just this, there are so many other incredible benefits of daily exercises such as:

  • Exercise is a very effective way to control weight and burn calories and if it is continued for rest of the life, it can be maintained forever. The only requirement is that it must be performed under the guidance of a knowledgeable and talented trainer.
  • Daily exercise promotes sound sleep. So it is good for those patients who have sleeping problems and need medicine to get a proper sleep.
  • Daily relaxation exercise helps in getting relief from headaches, backaches and insomnia as it causes the body to release endorphins into the body system which is a painkiller.
  • Age is no bar for exercise or any form of physical activity, so just do as you please. Daily exercise tones your body, keeps your bones strong, immune function, boosts circulation, gives nutrients and boosts oxygen to skin, also improves your skin naturally and detoxify the body by removing toxins. It increases production of collagen and connective tissue which makes skin plump. 

  • Regular exercise increases the feel good factor and you stay happy throughout the day. It keeps you stress free and controls stress hormones in the body which relax blood vessels and stimulates various brain chemicals.
  • If you do exercise daily, your heart and lungs will be healthy and your cardiovascular system will work more efficiently. Daily exercise boosts endurance and increases muscle strength.

So in order to get benefits of daily exercise, one should take out some time and do a good work out or find half an hour, at least, for physical activity daily. Even walking is a very effective form of exercise if you can take either morning or evening walk or maybe both, your health will improve tremendously. A word of caution, in some cases such as heart, diabetes or arthritis, patients are advised to consult their doctors before beginning any new set of exercises this is to avoid any damage.

Now, it’s just that you have to arrange little time for yourself and the benefits you reap will be invaluable health, good looks, confidence and many more.

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09-10-2016 01:59 AM

Yoga can be an important part of daily life. One should practice yoga daily to keep his body and mind fit & healthy.

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07-08-2016 12:03 AM

Daily exercising is an important part of daily life. One should exercise daily to keep fit and healthy.

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