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Ayurvedic treatment for dengue fever

  • Posted on- Oct 17, 2015
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Off late, there has been news of dengue striking the country. With an estimated 100 million cases of its occurrence every year worldwide, Dengue is a very common and quite a threatening condition caused when bitten by Aedes Aegypti mosquito. These mosquitoes breed in warm and humid climate and yes India is very prone to huge dengue outbreaks. Being a mosquito borne disease, dengue raises its ugly head during humid monsoons. It so happens that the Aedes Aegypti mosquito bites an infected human, carries the dengue virus and now whoever it bites contracts dengue. Dengue does not pass from a person to person.

There are four different viruses that cause dengue fever. Once infected by a particular virus, the person become immune to it, but the danger of getting infected by other three viruses still looms. The symptoms may not show immediately, they may become apparent maybe three days after being bitten and last up to 10 days. The most common symptoms of dengue fever are:

Generally dengue resolves on its own and there are no specific medicines to quickly treat dengue. If severe forms of dengue have been diagnosed, then hospitalization may be required. Blood pressure and blood counts are monitored and blood test will be performed at intervals. Since rest and nutritious light diet is the only way to get rid of dengue, some Ayurvedic treatments have been acclaimed to treat and cure dengue. Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves are given to the patient as they strengthen the stomach and have multiple medicinal properties. Here are some more Ayurvedic treatment methods for dengue fever:

Papaya leaf: Papaya leaf extract is said to stop the destruction of platelets. Ayurveda researchers have found that enzymes in papaya leaf not only have the ability to fight the infection, but also can help revive platelets and white blood cells.

Papaya is well-known to be good for the digestive system, due to its rich vitamin and mineral content. But its properties, to fight dengue, have been discovered recently. The enzymes, that are found in papaya leaf are Chymopapain and papin, help in reviving the platelet count and effective Ayurvedic treatment methods for dengue fever.

The juice needs to be prepared from fresh papaya leaves. Take only leaves and leave the stem and fibrous parts and grind them into a paste width hand or mixer, and with the help of a clean cloth, squeeze the juice out of it. Since it’s very bitter, take 4 to 5 teaspoon and mix it with orange juice twice a day until you feel better.

Giloy: Giloy or Tinospora cordifoila is also known as Amrita in Ayurveda due to its medicinal properties as anti-inflammatory and antipyretic herb. This is a climbing herb and is abundantly found in most parts of India and is a good Ayurvedic treatment for dengue.

Giloy is useful in strengthening the immune system and builds up the body’s defence against infections. It has been found that the herb increases the killing ability of the macrophages in the body, responsible for fighting with the microorganisms and foreign bodies.

Take Giloy branches and cut into small pieces and boil them in 3 glass of water. When mixture becomes half, let it cool down to room temperature. Give is to the patient with orange juice. Take it three times a day. The platelet count will start increasing rapidly. It also increases the efficiency of white blood cells. Giloy also cures diseases like malaria, swine flu, chronic fevers, and dengue.

Precautionary measures for dengue fever

Mosquitoes bite is one of the major factors responsible for dengue. By avoiding it, may prevent dengue fever. One should take necessary precautions to fight dengue fever by following some simple steps:
  • By keeping home, surrounding and environment clean and hygienic
  • Get rid of stagnant water and containers. If cannot get rid of the containers, then try to keep it empty with lid on or upside down
  • Keeping drains well maintained and unblocked
  • By avoiding accumulation of ground water if possible, if not then add kerosene oil to stop breeding of mosquito larvae
  • Try not to store water if possible else do not keep it uncovered and try to change water at regular intervals
  • Avoid unnecessary irrigation
  • Change water from the flower vase at a regular interval of time
  • Wrap all unused tyres in a plastic or make bid holes to avoid water logging
  • Using mosquito nets while sleeping and mosquito repellents are good options to avoid mosquito bite at home
  • Wearing long sleeve shirt and fully covered clothes can also be helpful

Remember, dengue can be prevented by keeping surroundings clean. Just think! If there is no place for Aedes Aegypti mosquito to breed, how can it strike?


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06-07-2016 03:20 AM

Dengue can be treated by ayurvedic medicines, this information is not known to all.

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21-12-2015 01:20 PM

The steps you mentioned which further can result in the prevention of dengue should be ensured. One has to take care of himself.

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