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  • Posted on- Oct 08, 2014
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Epilepsy is a neurological condition wherethe patient suffers from seizure resulting in changes in body movement,sensation, awareness, or behaviour, which cannot be controlled by the patient.

However, a seizure is one single episode ofsuch a change in electrical activity. One single episode of a seizure may ormay not be a part of epilepsy. Instead, it can be a symptom of differentconditions that can affect the brain, e.g. kidney failure, liver failure,excessive alcohol or illegal drug intake, some medications, change in bloodglucose levels, fever etc.

Almost 50 million people across the globeare affected. It is found to be the second leading problem affecting the brainin both urban and rural populations. So if any one suffers from this conditionshould not feel left out. Epilepsy is a manageable condition. The good news isthat with any anti-epileptic medicine, 80 % of people with epilepsy remain freeof attacks at any point of time. There are a variety of anti-epileptic drugsavailable. Epilepsy can be controlled with the help different antiepilepticmedications and should be dealt with a positive approach towards life.

Some tips to the general public on what isto be done when you see someone suffering a seizure attack. First of all, donot panic and do not overcrowd around the person. If the person i standing,make him sit to avoid falls and injuries. If the person is jerking, do not tryto stop the jerking do not force anything into his mouth. Most of the seizuresstop on their own. Contact the person’s relative or takes the person to anearby medical centre. Take your medicine at the prescribed times. Do make itknown to your family members, friends and people who work with you that you areseizure-prone. Tell them what should be done in case you get an attack in theirpresence. If your child has epilepsy, do inform the teacher and the schoolauthorities about inform your child’s teacher what to do if your child has aseizure. Follow a balanced diet and do exercise regularly but avoid over-exertion.Do have good lighting in the room where and do get a good night’s sleep daily.

Equating epilepsy with madness is wrong.There may be associated mood problems like anxiety or depression in a patientwith epilepsy on account of their disease and associated issues. People withepilepsy have no greater tendency toward severe irritability and aggressivebehaviours than other people. Epilepsy does not spread through toughing orcoughing. Some people have irrational belief that an epileptic attack can beterminated by making the person smell onions or dirty shoes, or by placing ametal key in the person’s hand.  


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09-07-2016 08:33 AM

I began having seizures when I was 12 and in 7th grade. It was not easy for me. I am almost 36 now, and I suppose epilepsy was something to be ashamed of back then. I do not know.

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09-01-2016 06:29 AM

Nice article shared.

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