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Cockroach allergy: Overview of symptoms and treatment
Posted on Aug 31, 2015
Allergies are caused due to various kinds of allergens. But did you know that a cockroach can be a potential cause of an allergic reaction? While it is a possibility that many of you are unaware of this fact, it is important to educate yourself about cockroach allergy and its management.

Cockroaches are the most common pest found in our houses. Appearance of even one of them can frighten us. These are one of those unwanted guests in our dwellings that leave us petrified. No matter how much we try to get rid of these crawly creatures, they somehow find their way back home. Cockroaches choose to flourish in our homes because all the essential requirements for their survival like food, humidity, water, and optimum temperatures are easily available for them. But cockroach presence in our homes is not good for our well-being as they can prove to be a potential cause for food poisoning and allergic reactions. Cockroach allergy is developed in many individuals due to their sensitivity to cockroach allergen, but unknowingly, most of us relate it to a commonly known cause like dust, pollen grains, etc. Increased awareness about this allergy will help in prompt identification and treatment.

The Allergen

Cockroaches multiply quickly in favourable conditions. This is why a single cockroach entering in our household multiplies fast enough to produce several cockroaches in a very short time span. These household pests produce saliva, secretions, cast skins, waste matter, eggs, etc. which decay to produce potent allergens. The dried remains of their dead bodies can turn into tiny pieces that can easily remain suspended in the surrounding air. Regular household chores like vacuuming, sweeping, and other activities can disperse the allergens all over. It is actually the protein in the allergen that is responsible to trigger an immune reaction.

The Immune Response

Most of the people are not affected by a cockroach allergen, but some of us may develop sensitivity towards it. When a person sensitive to the allergen comes in contact with it, the body treats it as an unwanted harmful substance and starts producing antibodies to counter it. These antibodies attach to mast cells present in the nose and produce an allergic reaction next time the allergen enters into the body.

Symptoms of cockroach allergy

Treatment options for cockroach allergy

The occurrence of cockroach allergy can be controlled by proper pest control in households like regular usage of insecticide sprays and other pest control treatments. Proper cleaning techniques can help in preventing multiplication of cockroaches thereby reducing the allergen content in the house. Medications are prescribed to individuals with developed allergic reaction to provide relief. Allergic immunotherapy is also used in some cases to treat related diseases.

Identification of the allergen is very important in treating any kind of allergy. The possibility of cockroach allergy should not be taken lightly and tests should be done in case a person is reflecting possible symptoms. Minimum effort to get rid of them can be done by trying out home remedies for cockroach control. A small effort from our side can reduce the chances of this allergy and prevent cockroaches from creating nuisance in our homes.
Written by : Lazoi Team
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