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Recovery process after Heart surgery

  • Posted on- Jun 23, 2014
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Heart Surgery is one of the major surgeries that need a lot of post-surgery care. On returning home after this surgery, you or your loved one would need to know its post procedure care.

After the heart surgery, it is very important to take care of following:

  • Maintain high hygiene on the operated area. It should always be clean and dry.
  • Only recommended soaps should be used to clean the area.
  • Healthy and heart friendly diet is paramount to follow for a quick healthy recovery.

Immediate medical assistance shall be required on the following symptoms:
  • When the incision area experiences increased drainage
  • Gap or opening of Incision line
  • Itching, redness or burning or warm sensation around the incision line
  • Sudden increase in body temperature (more than 38°C or 101°F)

Pain relief after the heart surgery

Some signs are normal after an immediate heart surgery which includes itching, tightness, pain in muscles or discomfort etc. However, after the surgery the pain should not be similar as the pain experienced before the surgery. All patients are prescribed the pain relieving medicines before they leave the hospital after the surgery.

If the Saphenous Veins (leg veins) are used for the Heart Bypass Surgery, one may experience pain in legs more than the pain in incision area. Proper physiotherapy sessions may be of help in this situation. Walking and subtle movement of legs may reduce the discomfort or even the stiffness with time.

Driving after the heart bypass surgery

It’s the doctor who is your best mentor to give you instructions of activities you can continue after the heart surgery. In most cases, one is recommended a rest of minimum six weeks before one can resume driving. However, in some cases of invasive heart surgeries, this time may be short and patients may resume a normal lifestyle quickly including driving.

Activities after the heart surgery

Again your doctor is your best guide to suggest or instruct you your activities after your surgery. Normally, one is advised to take a minimum of six weeks rest to resume any physical activity. However, in invasive surgery cases, time may be shortened. Therefore, it is best to seek your cardiologist’s advice on the activities you can do in the rest period of six to eight weeks. Below are a few pointers on how you can slowly resume your normal life activities:

  • It is recommended to only slowly increase your activities. One can do household work but only standing for not more than 15 minutes at a stretch. No lifting of the objects more than 10 pounds.
  • Pulling of heavy objects or pushing of any object is strictly prohibited for the first six to eight weeks after the surgery.
  • Climbing a staircase is ok but only after your doctor’s approval. However, repetitive activity in one day is not suggested at all.
  • A regular daily walk is healthy and facilitates your recovery. Guidelines for walking however shall be followed strictly as they are given by your doctor.

Diet recommended after the bypass heart surgery

It is paramount to take extra care of diet for the patient after their heart bypass surgery. Nothing can be compared to a balanced healthy nutritious diet. Diet will not only provide the body with its required nutrition needs but will also facilitate the recovery and healing process. You may need to strictly adhere to the dietary instruction given by your doctor after you return home after the bypass surgery. The diet may be low on fat, spices, salts and sugar – this diet is designed by your doctor and dietician to get your heart restore its health and functionally.


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22-06-2016 09:24 AM

My baby was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome while he was still in my womb. We decided to go through pediatric heart surgery and living a happy life there after.

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21-04-2015 10:53 AM

My father went for a heart transplant in 2010, I am very happy with the results. He is totally fine now and living a happy life.

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