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Interesting facts about the human brain
Posted on Aug 31, 2015
Though the size of human brain is small, it is a complex organ. The functions of the brain were found by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks in 400 BC. It was Hippocrates who first discovered that brain played an important role in sensation and intelligence. Research into the functioning of the brain gathered momentum thereafter. During this time period, physicians began to recognize various neurological disorders, their treatments, many surgical instruments also. Today, many studies are being conducted on various aspects of the brain. There are many studies focused on disciplines such as neuroscience, cognitive science, behavioural science, psychology, and so on.

A Few Facts on the Human Brain

  • The central organ of the human body, brain, is anatomically divided into three parts called the forebrain, midbrain, and the hindbrain.
  • At the time of birth, the size of the brain is approximately 400g and later as one becomes an adult, the size increases to approximately 1,400g.
  • Another interesting fact is the height of an adult brain is 3.6 inches, the length is 6.3 inches, and the width is 5.5 inches.
  • The cerebral cortex of the brain consisting of a frontal lobe, temporal lobe, occipital lobe, and the parietal lobe, which occupy 85% of the human brain.
  • The composition of the brain is 10-12% lipids, 8% protein, 77% water, 1% carbohydrates, 2% soluble organics, and 1% inorganic salt.
  • Half of the neurons in the brain reside in the cerebellum. But cerebellum occupies only 10% of the human brain.
  • Did you know that number of neurons in the human brain is equivalent to the total number of stars in our galaxy? That is 100 billion. There are 186 million more neurons in the left hemisphere of the brain than the right hemisphere.
  • Approximately 1,000ml of blood flows through the human brain every sixty seconds. In a minute the human brain absorbs 46 cubic centimetre of oxygen from the blood.
  • Only 6% of the oxygen is used by the white matter of the brain, while the gray matter absorbs 94%.
  • A human brain can survive up to 15 minutes without oxygen.
  • The weight of the brain is just 2% of an individual’s total body weight. However, it consumes 20% of total energy. It is believed this energy is more than enough to light a 25 watt bulb.
  • The human brain processes 70,000 thoughts on an average in a day.
  • The weight of Albert Einstein’s brain was 1,230 grams that is less than an average weight of the human brain.
  • The rate of growth of neuron during pregnancy is 2, 50,000 neurons in a minute.

These are a few of the interesting facts on the human brain. You should also know lavender would help to reduce insomnia and jasmine oil has the ability to restore mental alertness.
Written by : Lazoi Team
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