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Tooth problem: Relief from tooth pain
Posted on Aug 28, 2015
Tooth pain is more likely to affect those who don’t follow a proper dental hygiene regimen. Pain in and around a tooth can affect people of all age groups. The intensity of pain could vary from mild to severe. It could be constant or intermittent. A host of dental problems such as dental caries, trauma, infection, periodontal disease, dental abscess could give rise to tooth pain. An assessment of the underlying cause is essential for alleviating pain and other accompanying symptoms.

Factors responsible for tooth pain

Tooth decay is one of the most common reasons behind toothache in children and adults. Excruciating pain may be felt if a tooth infection gives rise to a dental abscess. A dental abscess is characterized by a collection of pus in the affected tooth.

Pulpitis is another dental condition which is characterized by the inflammation of the dental pulp, which is located inside the pulp chamber that is present in the centre of the tooth. Pulp is the soft connective tissue that contains the nerves and the blood vessels. When the decay reaches the nerves, the affected individual is likely to experience a thumping pain.

The loss of tooth enamel can also cause tooth sensitivity. Other contributory factors for pain include bruxism (habit of grinding teeth), cracked tooth syndrome, eruption of wisdom teeth, periodontal disease, or temporomandibular disease.

Remedies for Tooth Pain

Though over-the-counter pain medication can be taken to get relief from pain, it would be best to consult a dentist in event of damage to the structure of the tooth. A visit to the dentist would also be required if pain is accompanied by symptoms such as fever, headache, or swelling around the affected tooth. However, you can follow certain natural remedies for temporary pain relief:

Clove Oil: Clove oil has long been used for treating tooth pain. To get relief from pain, you just need to soak a clean cotton ball in a few drops of clove oil and put it near the affected tooth. Clove oil contains a chemical called eugenol. This chemical has anaesthetic properties. Putting it around the affected tooth will numb the area, thereby providing relief from pain. Cloves are also antibacterial in nature. Thus, using clove oil will help in lowering the risk of bacterial infections.

Onion and Garlic: Dental infections can occur when bacteria act on food debris that is lodged between the teeth. Since onions are known to possess bactericidal properties, placing a slice of onion on the affected tooth for a few minutes can prove beneficial. Crushed garlic cloves contain allicin that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Chewing garlic could help in alleviating pain to some extent.

Warm or Cold Compresses: Application of warm or cold compresses may prove beneficial in alleviating pain and swelling. Wrap an ice pack in a clean towel and place it over the affected side. You can also place a used, warm tea bag over your cheek. The tannins that are present in tea will help in numbing the area, thereby providing temporary relief.

Saline Solution: Gargling with warm saline solution is an age-old home remedy for alleviating tooth pain. Swishing warm saline solution in the mouth may help in reducing swelling. It may also provide relief from pain.

Though taking painkillers may seem to be the best option when it comes to dealing with toothaches, it’s definitely not the best treatment option. The underlying cause of pain needs to be identified and treated. The best approach would be to consult a dentist at the earliest. It is also essential to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day. Do go for dental checkups at least twice a year.
Written by : Lazoi Team
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