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Major brain exercises for old people

  • Posted on- Aug 27, 2015
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The brain is a complicated and an unpredictable organ. You can never tell when it will one day suffer from an unexplained internal spark that triggers a course of outcomes that can be quite serious. There are people who walk around in a mall with their families, and without warning suddenly suffers from a complete memory wipe off. Our brains, over time, like the rest of our organs, tend to deteriorate if not taken care of.

Like one who would go on a cholesterol overdose, damaging his/her heart over time - the brain too suffers from indirect injury when we don't use it and exercise its functionalities. As we age, the brain tends to waste away since we succumb to a life of lethargy at some point, whiling the hours away doing unproductive, brain-dead activities. Here we will find ways on how brain exercises can go a long way, in keeping the brain active and young, even when you are old and gray.

Brain Exercises for Old People

To keep one's mind active and functioning at a good pace, it is important to keep it engaged at all times. Let's take a look at some helpful activities for the elderly.

Playing games that exercise one’s intelligence: There are a lot of games that require one to use his / her brain in deciphering certain messages and coming up with strategies while playing. Games like Chess, Scrabble and Sudoku get you thinking and formulating ways on how to finish the game. Other games that include intellect and brain stimulation are crossword puzzles, looking for hidden words within an alphabet grid, brain teasers, and memory games.

Physical exercise: To exercise one's body is to also keep the mind constantly working up a 'sweat'. Being physically active keeps the entire body replenishing lost vitality and vigour, with one's mental abilities also being worked on as you exercise. Great sports to play outdoors to keep your body and mind pumped are squash, tennis, swimming and table tennis.

Reading and writing: Reading is a great way of keeping one's mind silently active. It keeps the mind running for a good couple of hours every day and also serves as a great way to pass time. You can also read simple recipes and try them out, to keep you physically active again in the kitchen with light brain activity in figuring out how much of what goes where. Trying out slightly complicated recipes from the last one will help you think about how to put together quantities and portions, while mentally planning out a meal and getting a recipe right. Owning a diary is a great recorder of keeping track of what's going on in retired life, with accounts on how you spend your day. Maintain either an online blog that you can easily access from your home PC/Laptop or write an entry by hand in a diary if you prefer the old-fashioned way of keeping entries. You could take long trips and put together a photo diary as well of all your adventures.

Join a club/take up a class: The best way to keep busy everyday is to join a book club where everyone gets to discuss the book after they're done reading it. It helps in engaging the mind intellectually while being a part of discussions - combining this with reading again is a great exercise tool. You can also take up different classes like pottery, cooking, painting, yoga and so on.

These brain exercises will help in keeping the brain charged and young, since it is important to not let something as vital and fragile as the brain inch towards total decay. It will also help stay clear from mental illnesses such as Alzheimer's and dementia, which can be quite saddening when subjected to its effects. So help others and yourself remain healthy in mind, heart and body while you still can.


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10-03-2017 09:04 PM

These brain exercises will help in keeping the brain charged and young, since it is important to not let something as vital and fragile as the brain inch towards total decay.

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28-12-2015 01:40 AM

Great information shared. I would definitely share these points to the needed ones.

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