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Five Best exercises to improve the health of your heart!

  • Posted on- May 13, 2014
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Many specialized experts recommend exercises in some form of moderate aerobic training for at least 2 hours or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity every week to keep your heart running smoothly. You can spread your time in any manner that works according to your schedule as people are running in a very tight schedule these days and hardly get time for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For example, you can always start off with walking slowly in the park or the treadmill and slowly increasing your speed and gradually start running. The important part is to schedule some basic set of exercises and some rules and regulations to bring a change in you fitness level and let your heart live healthy.

Exercise in the form of aerobic or cardio-vascular is a kind of activity, which not only increases your metabolism but also increases your heart rate and the efficiency and working of your respiratory system, challenging your heart to essentially work harder and become stronger. Exercises such as cardio-vascular in form improve the way your body uses oxygen.

Top-notch physical workouts for a healthy heart

Brisk walking

Human body was born to walk. Brisk walking is a natural way to improve your fitness levels, whether you run for some minutes on a treadmill or hit the road. You should wear comfortable walking shoes that can give good support to your legs and strap on your iPod and get moving.


Running is another healthy exercise for heart and also a very good physical activity to do barring any physical injuries or ailments. Running is one of the best ways to burn some good amount of calories. For example, an average weighed person can easily walk a mile in 3 minutes, so start of by walking a bit and then increasing the speed levels and start increasing the speed of your walks and to start running.


The pool is a great place to float along lazily. Swimming or even participating in water fitness or some kind of water sport will not only increase your heart rate and improve your heart health but also provide resistance that will improve your strength and tone your body. Swimming is advised as a very good alternative if you have joint problems that walking or running cannot.


Cycling is regarded as a low-impact exercise that you can do solo in the gym, in a spin class, or outside on the road. Riding your bike off-road will make your heart pump more blood and you will build strength and tone up your lower body as well as your core muscles.

Circuit training

You can mix up your cardio with some solid mode of circuit weight training. Just fix up your normal training with a bit of heavy weight training as a 5 minute session of cardio start with a weight training program to lift up some heavy weights. Start with low weight reps and increase them to higher weight for other reps, this will increase the blood flow through your heart.

One should always make sure that the exercises you perform are appropriate and are always done under the supervision of a trained professional ,you should always be careful about not straining any of your body part, the key here is to keep your heart healthy and not to give strain to it.


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11-03-2018 07:05 AM

Daily exercising is an important part of daily life. One should exercise daily to keep fit and healthy.

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27-09-2014 02:37 PM

The different types of exercise you mentioned can be very handy and this will result to improve the health of the heart. I will try to keep all these workout in my mind.

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