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How to stop a runny nose: Methods that work best

  • Posted on- Aug 26, 2015
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A runny nose is a common cold that all individuals suffer from every year. Daily care and attention have to be given when one suffers from this illness. Basically, a runny can be cured by using natural remedies and proper care.

A runny nose occurs when nasal tissues and blood vessels produce excess fluid or mucous that runs out of your nose and down your throat. It is often caused by allergy reactions to some airborne substances like dust, dust mites, perfumes, smoke, proteins due to cats or dogs, tree pollen, and many others. Some of the individuals suffer from cold due to other irritants such as spicy food which can also trigger the runny nose.

For instance, some individuals may suffer from a runny nose is because of lacking of sleep and some healthy fitness. Fear not, because there are remedies to cure you effectively and efficiency.

There are two kinds of treating a runny nose:

  1. Home remedies
  2. Over the counter medications

A better treating way would be using home remedies like drinking ginger tea. Alternatively, you may chew ginger as this is another effective home remedy, because ginger helps to maintain body temperature.

However, if home remedies did not really help a lot to cure your runny nose you can turn to using over the counter medications like decongestant sprays. It is an over-the-counter alternative for those with extreme head and nasal congestion or sinus pain.

In addition, there are some diets to adopt when you are suffering from runny nose. Get the right diet and recipes in order to treat runny nose well and recover fast. In fact, always maintain a proper diet to prevent your immune systems from breaking out and cause illnesses.

Sometimes this (cold) may even lead to death if it is not properly cured. Thus, one should also maintain healthy lifestyle by having proper sleep of eight hours to distress yourself, exercise regularly, eat the right diet and avoid things that you are allergy for example, If it is caused by allergy reactions, you need to identify and avoid them. If you are allergic to tree pollen or cat or dog proteins, these airborne triggers should be avoided.

Once you are in the 30s for the body oxygen test, most of these substances (dust, dust mites, tree pollen, cat proteins, dog proteins, and so forth) will not produce an allergy or auto-immune response due to partial normalization of the immune system. Hay fever usually requires over 30 seconds for the body oxygen test and avoidance of all triggers for gradual desensitization of the immune system.


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23-03-2018 08:05 PM

Great work done. Should post more stuff like this to educate the needy ones.

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25-11-2017 03:08 AM

Runny nose is a very common disease, I used to suffer from this very much. Medication is easily available.

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