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How to protect your lungs

  • Posted on- Aug 25, 2015
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Lungs are one of the most important parts of your body, which helps you to breathe. We intake oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. The quality of air that we intake results in the good or bad health of our lungs. There are many types of lung diseases like asthma, bronchitis, allergy, lung cancer, Sarcoidosis, Interstitial lung disease, Tuberculosis, sleep apnoea etc. There are different causes for these diseases but the following are the basic points that can be considered to protect the lung disease.

  • If you don't smoke, don't start.
  • If you smoke or use tobacco, quit. Quitting is the most important thing you can do to keep your lungs healthy and prevent disease. Smoking damages your lungs and increases your risk for a number of diseases including lung cancer. It's never too late to quit.
  • Teach your children about the dangers of smoking and be a role model by not smoking or by quitting now.
  • Avoid second-hand smoke. Breathing the smoke from cigarettes and pipes increases your risk for the same diseases that affect people who smoke. Don't allow smoking in your home, in the car, or at work.
  • Many lung diseases are highly contagious so one has to make sure that they wash their and hands and cover their coughs and sneezes as this may result in common viral infections such as cough, cold and flu. Wash your hands properly as your hands can carry a lot of germs and your chances of falling ill may increase.
  • Do your best to control outdoor air pollution and keep the air we breathe clean.
  • Learn about indoor air pollution and what you can do to reduce your exposure. For example, turn on the exhaust fan when you cook and avoid using aerosol products (e.g. aerosol can of hair spray).
  • Regular physical exercise is good for your whole body and especially your lungs. Exercise makes your lungs stronger and better.
  • Pay attention to your health at work. Avoid breathing toxic fumes from chemicals, solvents, and paints. Wear a protective mask when you work with chemicals and report unsafe working conditions.
  • At work or at home stay away from asbestos. Always wear protective clothing including a facemask if you are working with asbestos.
  • Check if there are high levels of Radon gas at your home or workplace. People working in mines are often exposed to Radon gas. Kits are found in hardware stores that help in measuring the amount of Radon gas at home.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Use a plenty of fruits and green vegetables in your diet.
  • The Indian way of Yoga, Pranayama (Breathing exercise) is also very helpful in protecting your lungs.


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05-05-2016 12:38 PM

I was suffering from lung cancer and I had no idea about it. It was a late detection. After detection, I get my treatment done and now I am all fine and healthy.

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03-05-2016 11:08 PM

Would definitely keep all the points in mind and suggest it to the needy ones.

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