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Understanding eye allergies: Natural remedies for the treatment

  • Posted on- Aug 25, 2015
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When we mention allergies we normally refer to only symptoms like itching, running nose, sneezes and hives. We seldom associate allergies to eyes. Allergies not only affect the sinus and nasal cavities but they also make the eyes to start itching by making them to swell, turn red and begin to water. Eye allergies can also be treated effectively by simple medications.

Our eyes are important organs which are continuously exposed to the outside all the time we are awake. Because of continuous exposure, the eyes are more susceptible to allergens attacking them and that’s why more people get affected easily. Unlike the nose and its passage way where you can find tiny hairs called cilia which help to filter all the harmful bacteria, the eyes do not have such in built protection. Because of this the eyes are more prone to being attacked by harmful bacteria which is always lurking around in the air and causing allergies in the eyes.

Causes of eye allergies

The most common causes of an eye allergy, or allergen, includes, moulds, pollen, dust, mites, hair, grass, trees, etc. Usually, these items become airborne and when they come in contact with the eyes, an allergic reaction ensues. An eye allergy will not cause any lasting or permanent damage to a person’s eyesight. They are unpleasant, but not harmful in any way.

Treatment of eye allergies

If you are someone who has a family history of allergies or suffering from atrophic dermatitis you are sure to suffer from eye allergies. But do not get disheartened because there are various natural treatments available that can be used for treating eye allergies. Some of them include:

  • Rose Water: This is a popular natural remedy for eye allergies, and one that has been used for ages. The proper application is three to four drops in each eye and then holding the eyes closed for a few minutes to allow the water to work.
  • Homeopathy: The most common homeopathic remedy is a mixture of honey and Indian gooseberry powder. This is not applied to the eye, but rather eaten each night in order to increase a person’s immunity. This is only one example of homeopathic remedies that are used, however they will typically contain herb and other natural ingredient.
  • Cold Compresses: A cold compress can be created with washcloths and towels, or with cold spoons. Placing the spoons in the freezer prior to use will offer longer lasting results. This method only provides temporary relief, but can be very effective.
  • Warm Salt Water: Wiping the eyes with a cotton ball or cotton cloth dipped in warm salt water can also help relieve eye allergies. The salt in the water combats the histamines that have been released causing the initial reaction.
  • Repeated Eye Rinsing: If a person has a persistent eye allergy, they can try a cold water flush. Repeatedly rinsing the eyes with cold water may remove the offending substance, thus eliminating eye allergy.
  • Reduce the Chance of Mould: By keeping the humidity inside the home under 50 percent, it will help prevent the growth of mould. In many cases this will require the use of a dehumidifier, especially in areas that tend to stay damp, such as the basement.

Prevention of eye allergies

The best method for preventing eye allergies is to avoid the allergen altogether. However, this is rarely possible. If a person is unsure of the cause of their eye allergy, they should seek medical help, which may find the proper method of treatment. In addition to using natural remedies, here are some tips that can help those prone to eye allergies avoid them altogether:
  • Don’t allow dust and dirt to accumulate on surfaces
  • Avoid rubbing or squeezing eyes for relief
  • Wear protective eye wear when going outdoors
  • Limit the use of computer and TV
  • Don’t use contacts as they will aggravate the allergy
  • Don’t allow pets in beds and keep them outside when possible
  • Avoid eye strain by reading in well-lit areas

It is difficult to cope with eye allergies as they are very uncomfortable and irritating to the eyes, so it is best that you talk to an eye specialist to find ways to reduce allergy symptoms in the eyes.


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18-02-2018 02:58 PM

Allergies can be very dangerous if not taken care properly. Get medications at the earliest and try to lower down the symptoms of an allergy as soon as possible.

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24-07-2017 11:02 AM

Steps should be ensured and eye allergy should be avoided.

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