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Famous personalities who survived cancer

  • Posted on- Aug 05, 2015
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The word cancer can bring chills even to the healthiest of people and your life suddenly takes an unexpected turn when your oncologist informs you that you are suffering from it. Sadly, it is affecting people across all age groups in recent times. Though cancer is known to having no easy cure, certain procedures like chemotherapy and radiation therapy have given hope to those who surrender to the disease. If detected at an early stage, cancer is curable it was in the past and it is in recent times. Many of the famous personalities have weathered the tough cancer storm and have come out of it unhurt. Here are some of the names of celebrities who came out victorious:


If you are a cricket lover, you may recognize the feat of hitting six sixes in an over. That’s what Yuvraj Singh did some years ago. Everything was working in his favour until post world cup victory in 2011 when he was diagnosed with cancer. But he was adamant to fight the disease, which he did and emerged victorious. He regained his health and came back to the game with even more determination.


The actress fell unconscious and was admitted in a city hospital. After a few tests the world came to know she was suffering from ovarian cancer. She put up a good fight against the disease and after her chemotherapy sessions has started shooting for films. Her strength and will-power have inspired many.


Lisa Ray, an actress by profession, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a cancer of the plasma cells). She braved the difficulties during the treatment and always put up positive attitude towards her struggle. She got married in California and started leading a normal life.


The famous director was suffering from acute promyelocytic leukaemia- a type of blood cancer. However, he was optimistic about his treatment even though oncologists predicted that his chances of survival were only 50 per cent. He put up a brave face throughout his ordeal and came out of it as if nothing ever happened.


The pop singing sensation was diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of her concert tour. She came out fighting but the disease had an impact on her. She then decided to spread awareness about early detection through regular check-ups as much as she could.


The Tour De France American biking champion was diagnosed with testicular cancer at a tender age of 25 years. His cancer was at an advanced stage and oncologists claimed that he had less than forty percent chances of survival. This never dented his positivity and he bravely faced the chemotherapy sessions in Indianapolis.


The great American actor was diagnosed with throat cancer when the cancer had reached stage 4. The cancer is said to have developed due to his addictive smoking and drinking. He underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After the treatment, he was declared cancer free. The courage and determination shown by him was applauded by the world.


The world-renowned actress had to undergo double mastectomy to minimise the risk of breast cancer. She has been actively involved in spreading cancer awareness post her treatment.

Taking a clue from these fighters, one can ascertain that cancer is definitely not the end of the world. If one is willing to give it a tough fight, he/she can be victorious.


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