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Ayurvedic treatment for kidney problems
Posted on Jul 27, 2015
Proper removal of waste substances from our body is a must otherwise it may result in complications. Varied wastes from the body are excreted through metabolism that involves many chemical reactions in the organs, tissues and cells. Kidneys, the vital part of our urinary tract help in eliminating the excretory products through our urine.

Anatomy of Kidneys - Situated at the back of our abdomen kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped organs that exist underneath the diaphragm on each side of the spinal column. The size of kidneys is that of a fist. Kidneys are enclosed, surrounded and protected by a renal capsule (outer layer). This capsule helps in protecting the kidneys from any damage. Connective tissue helps in keeping the kidneys in place.

Roles and responsibilities of Kidneys - Our kidneys act as a strong filtering-tool to filter the waste products from the blood. These impurities are flushed out through our urine. Failure of kidneys in any manner results in accumulation of waste and fluid in the body posing great danger. The toxic substances in the body may become life-threatening. Kidneys help in regular blood composition and acid/base concentration. Blood pressure is also regulated with the help of kidneys that help in stimulating and controlling the red blood cells' making. Calcium levels in the body are also regulated with the help of kidneys that are responsible for processing the blood plasma. They allow the sugars, water, amino acids, vitamins and other major substances back into our bloodstream. Excessive salts, water and minerals are excreted through the urine.

Proper functioning of the kidneys is a must. Any problem with our kidneys should be set aright on instant basis. Build-up of creatinine, the waste product made by the muscles due to disordered kidneys may cause problems for us. Ayurveda recommends the following medicines and other steps to protect our kidneys from any damages:
Gokshru - It is one of the best herbs that act like a strong Ayurvedic medicine for maintaining our kidneys in healthy conditions. It helps the kidneys to work in efficient manners. Proper flow of urine is promoted with this herb that helps in soothing and cooling the membranes of the urinary tract. Those suffering from urinary stones are advised to try this herb. Antiseptic effect and bleeding is also eliminated with this herb that nourishes and strengthens the body in even manners.

Cystone - This is another Ayurvedic remedy that helps in removing urinary stones and eliminating infections from the urinary tract. Those affected with burning urination are advised to try this wonderful Ayurvedic medicine for kidney.

Chandraprabha - This excellent Ayurvedic medicine for treating the damaged kidneys helps in giving quick relief from painful urination. Those suffering from benign prostate enlargement or problems due to suppression of urination must try Chandraprabha.

Diabetomed - It is another herbal formulation that is meant for treating the diabetic patients. Kidney and bladder functioning can be improved with regular use of this Ayurvedic medicine.

One must take sufficient water after frequent intervals adopt simple style and rich diets. Abstinence from alcohol and tobacco are also good. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, fruit-juices and exercising are also advantageous for the kidney problems. Overall cleanliness is also beneficial.
Written by : Lazoi Team
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