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Guidelines to choosing the right spectacles

  • Posted on- Jul 24, 2015
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When it is prescribed that you wear spectacles, you do not have to worry. Spectacles are available in so many types these days. There are different frames, varied lenses, diverse shapes and sizes which can often confuse in making the right choice. A good pair of spectacles is not just about the looks. It is about the fit, the right shape and lots more. Here is a perfect guide to buying the right pair.

Choose the size of the frame wisely
The frame should not be too small or too large for the face. The smaller frame will extend your field of vision beyond the lenses. A large frame that is too big can be heavy and uncomfortable. They tend to make your eyes look smaller than normal. Be sure to buy lenses that cover about 80 to 90% of your field of vision.

The arms of the glasses should not be too tight or loose

Tight arms could lead to headaches or pain behind the ears and marks along the side of the face. Loose arms can lead to regular slipping off of the glasses, and non-centered alignment of the lenses. Furthermore, the material that the arms are made of also matters. Some people experience an allergy to metal arms, while others might be allergic to plastic.

Choose the right material for the lens
There are basically two types of materials- one made of glass, and the other made of a type of plastic. One of the benefits of a plastic lens is that it can be used without much fear of breaking. Mainly used for children and those who use their glasses particularly roughly, it is also lighter than the glass version. Glass lenses are a more delicate version of the plastic lens.

Choose the right nose pads
It may seem insignificant but nose pads play an important role in making your glass wearing experience comfortable. They should not be tight or loose and ideally be made of soft plastic and rest comfortably on the nose. Another factor is that certain people may be allergic to particular materials used to make nose pads. Today, there are nose pads that protect one against allergic reactions. Nose pads also help align the glasses to the centre of the face and keep the lenses away from your eyelashes.

Choose size before style
Make sure you ask your optometrist to measure your frame size before you order the spectacles. They must be according to your dimensions.

The lighter the better

This is important because heavy frames tend to cause headaches or fatigue of the eyes. They are also more likely to slip off the nose often. It does not mean you have to wear plastic frame all your life. Titanium frames are much lighter and tougher when compared to other types of frames.

Choose scratch-proof and anti-glare spectacles

Lenses that are made of glass or plastic should be scratch-proof. Not only are scratches unsightly, they also distort vision and lead to eye strainAnti-glare glasses help reduce the glare that comes off a computer screen or other electronic devices like smartphones.

So the next time you go for eye wear shopping, consider these points before you choose. After all choosing the right spectacles is what will help you carry off glasses with style.


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