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Potential digestive health hazards: 5 bad things we do after eating
Posted on Jul 07, 2015
You may be enjoying a healthier diet but it’s highly possible that you may be practicing habits that could hamper your digestive system. It could be anything from sleeping to taking a shower. As soon as we finish eating, we tend to indulge in activities which our digestive may not like. Listed below are some of those activities:

  • Sleeping: Say no to eating dinner and then going to bed, or taking the odd post-lunch nap on a lazy weekend if you want to keep your digestive system chugging along at top speed without any complications. When you lie on your back or side after you’ve eaten, your digestive juices have a better chance of creeping back up into our oesophagus and causing heartburn. When you stay awake and upright, the digestive juices are more likely to stay where they need to be and efficiently break down your food. Sleeping causes your digestive system to slow down, so having a heavy meal right before bed could cause you to feel bloated, uncomfortable, and full even the next morning.
  • Strenuous Exercise: It may be tempting to work out after eating if you’re not stuffed, but strenuous exercise can use up some of the resources your body needs to digest your food. When you engage in strenuous exercise after eating, you could experience nausea, cramps, or even diarrhoea. It’s best to do one thing and then move on to the next. Eat, digest, and then exercise (or just exercise first).
  • Eating Fruit: Don’t eat fruits after a meal. Fruit digests the fastest of any type of food, and when you toss it down shortly after a meal, it just sits on top of it and ferments there, creating gas, discomfort, and possibly even weight gain. When you eat fruit alone and well before anything else, your body can digest it and utilize it for fuel without the gas, bloating, and other discomfort.
  • Drinking too much water: It’s okay to sip a little water with your meals if you feel it’s necessary, but don’t gulp down a big glass of it during or right after your meals or you may dilute the digestive juices so much, it makes it harder for them to perform their functions. Plus, stay away from ice water. It can be refreshing on a hot day, but when you’re drinking even a little water with your meals, the ice could cool the digestive fire and do more damage to the digestive process than hot, warm, or room temperature water would.
  • Taking a bath: Taking a bath or shower may really disrupt your routine, but once you make the change, you may find that you feel much better all day. If you frequently eat breakfast and then take a shower, or you eat dinner and take your shower to wind down after your day, your digestive health may be suffering.

Now that you know ways you are ruining your digestive health in the hour after you eat, it’s good to know things you can do to help boost your digestion:
  • Eat salad before each cooked meal to add enzymes that will assist in breaking down your food.
  • Take digestive enzymes with your cooked meals.
  • Try to avoid drinking a lot of water right before your meals.
  • Avoid stressful topics while eating or right after eating because stress can disrupt digestion.
Written by : Lazoi Team
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