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Unleash your potential with 'Better You'tools

  • Posted on- Jul 03, 2015
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MUSCAT — Do you want to unleash the hidden power within you? Do you want to make your mind not only work for yourself, but also your family,employer and peers? In short, do you want to be a 'better you'?

If the answer is yes, then it would make sense to attend a free introductory seminar on the Better You programme which is based on NIP (neuro-linguistic programming) being conducted by Dr A. Abraham of Mind Masters. a behavioural technology company.

Mind Masters specialises in conducting programmes designed to increase one's ability to live a better quality life and unleash the potential embedded in an individual to achieve life's goals.

The programme is base don the belief that everyone has the power to succeed as long as one believes in oneself and wants to do something about it.

Dr Abraham who started his career as a doctor passing out from Trivandrum Medical College obtained his MD in dermatology from the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi.He spent most of his medical career in the UK and to a certain extent in the Middle Fast.

I le was so fascinated by the power of neuro-linguistic programming that he decided to return to India to spread the awareness of this methodologygy to educational, medical and corporate centres.He formed the Mind Masters organisation with ' I he Better You' programme asits flagship.

The programme is based on Nemo-linguistic Programming (NLP) and is useful in all walks of life. Whales NIP 

According to Dr Abraham, "NLP in simple terms is a methodology that explains how one's mind works." He gives an interesting example to pul his point across.

"If you imagine your brain as a computer, it is like the user's manual of the brain. It tells you how your mind works, what you do to make your mind happy or sad or any other behaviour. Imagine someone you dislike and whenever you think of that person you are not happy. Then imagine a buffoon's face on that person. Did it not change the way you felt? It shows that your behaviour is based on pictures you form in your mind, those you can change and that you are in control."

So what exactly does NLP do? "NLP enables one to be inan ideal state of mind whenever you want. There are exercises that enable one to change any emotion to the ideal one for the work you are going to do. The reare a lot of applications in NLP that make out?comes, dreams easily reachable and enables one to be motivated," says Dr Abraham.

The programme also shows the effect of music on work and learning, brain gymnastics that are movements, which stimulate different parts of the brain to make it more effective and finally a session on self-hypnosis that super?charges the brain.

NI.P's effectiveness comes from its no-nonsense methodology and practical approach. Hit is based on a scientifically proven method and is researched by Studying kenu'v ioural patterns and thinking styles of successful people.

The 'Better You' programme is a valuable tool in personal development, enabling one to discover his inner talent, to be creative, learn more effectively, to be an effective communicator, helping in motivation and stress management. It has a wide range of practical application sin business (management, personnel, sales, HR, consulting), training and development, education, law, medicine, health, farming, writing and the arts,sports, parenting, hobbies and personal development. In fact it is useful wherever communication, personal effectiveness and development are most needed.

It also makes significant contribution towards helping people lose phobias, deal with trauma,pick themselves up from depression resolve unhealthy relationships maintain weight stop smoking and in hundreds of other ways when our lives aren't working and we wish to change. 


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