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Towards a better, more productive 'you'

  • Posted on- Jul 03, 2015
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WE ARE dwelling in pressure and stress ridden times, so much so that we are not 'living' but merely existing/going through the motions of life in a routine, mechanical manner. In the pursuit of success, with ill-defined, often uncertain, goals, we find ourselves embroiled in the inane things of life, unable to free ourselves from the shackles of our own mind and being.

The Better You Programme developed by Dr A Abraham is typically for those of us trapped in this web. Dr Abraham is currently in Dubai and will be conducting the second of his one-hour free seminar on Wednesday at Art Kids, Al Khalid Centre, Dubai.

Dr Abraham is Chief Consultant, a Certified Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme) and a member other Association of Neuro Linguistic Programmers, UK He has evolved a unique methodology based on the principles of NLP which is the central theme of the Better You Programme.

The specialist dermatologist turned NLP practitioner, Dr Abraham has a vast experience in conducting workshops, seminar sand counselling programmes in various techno-commercial organisations,institutes of higher education and societal groups. Mesmerised by the vista of opportunities available through the practice of NLP, Dr Abraham gave up his flourishing medical practice in the UK, turned to NLP as a means of unleashing the hidden human potential to optimal benefit, evolving as a better, more organised and productive individual in the process.

Q: How exactly does the Better You Programme work?
Dr Abraham: This is a concept I have developed, drawing from a whole range of techniques including NLP, which is practical to apply and practice. It takes you to a path of self-discovery which in turn will enable you to strengthen your ""positive traits and work on your weak er aspects. How much do you know about what's going on inside yourself and others? Have you ever wondered whether what you are perceived to be isn't what you really are? The Better You Programme is designed to unleash the hid?den powers within you and make your mind work for you.

Not only for yourself, but also for your family, employer and peers. .'

Q: How is it that your practising this technique will alter others' attitudes and behaviour?
A: It is essentially a journey into intra-and inter-personal communication. It is all about knowing what is going on inside you and what happens when you deal with others. It is a pragmatic technology based on an individual's inherent ability to produce a desired •outcome that would enable him to create his future. It also emphasises the effect on brain gymnastics and music on improving your daily life.

Q: In the area of strengthening familial ties, how does this programme help?
A: When you throw the doors open for communication, by which Mean a two-way one, it helps parents to understand their children's thought processes better, their dreams better. When this happens, they are able to support and motivate them in the right direction and help them, guide them choose what they really want in life. Parents assume the role of friend and guide rather than an authority to be listened to at any cost. Perceptual positioning helps Ito understand the different points of view and make for a feeling of camera demonstration family members.

Q: But will this be equally applicable to the work front where the emotions are very different from what you share with family members?
A: A sale is all about bringing a background need or desire into the foreground of someone's attention. It's all about focus. In order to sell something you need to sell the fantasy of what the product will do for their dreams. So know that the person you are selling to has a need for your product or create the need. A good sales job is to make everything that one buys, make him happier every time he looks at it. Don't sell the rattrap. Sell the absence of rats.Dolt toys, sell me playthings to make my children happy!

Q: But how do you train someone to do these things?
A: The technique helps you to know what you want and the mental strategies to get them. It trains you "in such a way that it puts you in the right mood to do what you need to dp. You ' learn a new sharpness in observing the people you are communicating with, you are enabled to read . the micro-muscular facial signals that tell you how your message is being received. It helps yu broaden your creative thinking in management and problem solving- The programme will help you to understand how to precess stress and activate positive effect of stress to benefit.

Q: How is your programme different from other positive thinking and manage men techniques which promise liar results?
A: Personal success depend largely on your ability to communicate. In this respect, what you say matters little compare to how you say. We train you ii techniques to do this.

We initiate you into ways of learning so that you can recollected, take tests and interview s-with confidence. The techniques involve changing from e non-productive mood to a pro ductile one wherever needed through a process termed anchoring this sense, Better You is different from all other programmes on positive thinking and the like.


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