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How to conquer fear of surgery

  • Posted on- Oct 05, 2018
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How to conquer fear of surgery

Generallymost of the patients are worried or anxious before surgery. But it is importantto ensure that these anxiety and fears do not become overwhelming. Patients areafraid of surgery whether it is minor or major. Fear of surgery is known asTomophobia.

Mostlypatient’s surgical anxiety or fear occurs due to:



3.financial burdens



6.adverse lifestyle impact

7.long recovery time

8.losing independence.

Surgical anxiety or fear becomes a seriouspsychological issue when it shows the symptoms like palpitations, nausea,excessive sweating, breathing problems, sleep disorders and nervous stomach.

Thereare several ways to overcome the surgical fear and anxiety. Some important waysinclude:

1) Trust your surgeon:

Apatient’s trust on a surgeon is very crucial. It increases the confidence insurgeon to treat patient more efficiently. It also makes patient morecomfortable and stronger. Every patient should trust surgeon’s capability tocure disease. Trust creates the feeling of affection between patient and surgeon.

2) Trust yourself:

Everypatient should trust himself/herself. It increases self-confidence&fighting spirit to win over any disease.

3) Ask questions/doubts:

Patientshould ask relevant doubts and questions to surgeons. Surgeon is highlytalented and experienced person so that he/she always gives correct answers tothe patients. Instead of hesitating, patients should clarify all doubts withoutwasting a time.

4) Educate yourself:

Everypatient should always try to find information about the diseases which he/sheis currently suffering. It increases awareness in patient. Patient should alsotry to take information regarding surgical procedures, surgery benefits, itscomplications and precautions. Patient can get tips for better and fasterrecovery. In this way, patient gets a complete idea and finally it will help to

Familyreduce surgical anxiety and fear. This makes patients to accept the facts &makes them stronger to deal with any severe medical condition. 

5) Seek counselling:

Counselling is very helpful before& after surgical treatment. It is very beneficial in a life-threateningdisease to adapt any changes. Counselling also benefits the patients who had abad previous experience with surgery.

6) Play Music:

Everyperson has a favourite type or genre of music. Listening to your favouritemusic calms down the anxiety or fear.

7) Reading a Book:

Manypeople are fond of reading books. Reading self-help books creates positiveenergy to overcome stress of surgery.

8) Get support from family and friends:

andfriends' support plays an important role during depression, anxiety or fear.Family members and friends help boost patient’s confidence before surgery.

9)Join support groups:

Thereare many support groups in the world who provide necessary support as per thediseases. Many people in support groups share their personal experience aboutsurgery. Patient can find wide range of supportive,sympathetic supporters.Patient should discuss with these people as it will be very beneficial forcalming surgical anxiety or fear.

10)Exploring alternative medical treatments:

Patientcan select alternative medical treatments like acupressure, acupuncture,massage, tapping, yoga, hypnosis, meditation and herbal supplements to managefear and anxiety. Patient should know about correct alternative method ofhealing. It is important to know that alternative treatment is used to managethe anxiety and is not treatment for surgery.

Everypatient should understand that fear and anxiety is normal & temporary.Trusting your surgeon and yourself  always help to reach a comfort zone amongpatients. And so does having faith in the Almighty. He is the source and thedestination. His holy guidance gives health a purpose.

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