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  • Posted on- Oct 04, 2018
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Getting pregnant after 40 tips,tricks and expectations

Not everyonemeets their perfect partner in their twenties or early thirties and sometimesthe idea of children comes much later. If you’re looking at getting pregnantafter 40 then there are certainly some challenges. But with the help of modernand advanced medical technology, wecan easily achieve.

According toresearch, at age of 40, women’s fertility chance is reduced by about 50% fromits peak. This declines rapidly from 40-45 and the chances of conceivingnaturally and carrying a baby to term after 45 are generally estimated at under5%.

Tips & Tricks To Improve YourChances Of Getting Pregnant Even After 40

1) Don’t wait anylonger:

If you areover 40 and want a baby, then don’t wait or delay. The research suggestsstrongly that there is a sharp decline in fertility from 40-45 age. Every yearmatters a lot!! Even a few extra months can affect the difference betweenconceiving and not. So don’t waste a time…..

2) Aimfor healthy weight and lifestyle:       

As far asany women concerned, Healthy weight and healthy lifestyle is very important forconception. There are various specialized programs for women who want to getpregnant after 40. But women should not waste time in achieving perfect weightand lifestyle as time is crucial to conceive over the age of 40.

Minimizeintake of sugary foods, beverages and junk foods. Maintain right blood pressureand sugar level.

Don’t eatinorganic and processed foods because it contains chemicals and other environmentaltoxins.

3) Consult a FertilitySpecialist:

YourFertility Specialist is great source of help if woman is trying to get pregnantafter 40. Every woman should ask doubts or questions regarding any blood testsor any other pregnancy tests. Good professional relationship with a fertility doctor is very helpful forthe future to get best help at any time.

4) Start taking FolicAcid:

Folic acidis one of the most essential factors in pregnancy. While folic acid won’tactually help to get pregnant but it is very important for preventing birthdefects. All women trying to conceive should take folic acid rich foodsregularly, ideally from the three months before trying to get pregnant.Fertility doctor’s consolation is necessary to decide perfect dosages of folicacid.

5) Do small and lightexercises daily:

Regularsmall and light exercises are very helpful to avoid any complications whilegetting pregnant after the age of 40. Relaxation types such as yoga, deepbreathing, hobbies and listening music are best way to reduce mental tension.The relaxed and unstressed mind has a beneficial effect on body’s reproductivesystem.

6) Consider chartingyour cycle:

Not allwomen ovulate at the same time and you can only get pregnant around the time ofthe month you are ovulating. Woman should look for changes in cervical mucus(the discharge you get from your vagina during the month). Fertile cervical mucusis like egg white. Watery cervical mucus is also common around ovulation.

Woman canalso chart cycle quite literally using a technique called “charting”. Thisinvolves recording temperature each morning when waking and looking for atelltale increase in temperature that indicates ovulation has occurred.

7) Try ovulationpredictor kits:

Ovulationkits are very helpful in timing sex if any woman is suffering from irregularperiods or unsure about ovulation cycle. Ovulation kits are easily available atmost of the chemists.

8) Don’t wait to seekhelp:

If woman isin 30’s, most fertility doctors recommend waiting a year to try and conceivebefore seeking help from a fertility specialist. But if woman is above 40 ages,then that periods drop to 3-6 months. Remember there can be a wait to getappointment of fertility specialist. Hence it is better to book an appointmentat the earliest after getting pregnancy signs.

Making theselifestyle changes will certainly ensure you are in the best possible positionphysically and emotionally to welcome your baby.

If woman isabove 40 and is unable to get pregnant, then it is best time to seek advicefrom a fertility specialist. Today modern reproductive technology is used by Fertility specialist to cure infertilityproblem. Medical advancements have enabled many women over 40 to conceive andgive birth to a healthy baby.

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