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National Doctor’s Day: Save life, save the day

  • Posted on- Jul 01, 2015
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In present age where people tend to suffer more from multiple diseases, the role of a doctor is important than ever in our lives. When we are physically and mentally down, when we are so close to being dead, a doctor then dawns the role of a life saver, healer and caregiver.

In India, a major portion of the population depends on doctors, their result-driven medical services and innovation in the cure and treatment ways. Compared with any other country, India being second populated country in the world actually has dearth of quality doctors. One of the greatest personalities was born on the Indian soil on 1st July 1882 in Patna, Bihar. That personality was arguably the best medical professional who has ever served India, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. On the account of his remarkable medical achievements, the Government of India in 1991 decided to observe 1st July as NATIONAL DOCTOR’S DAY.

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy completed his medical graduation from Calcutta and returned to the India in 1911 after completing his MRCP and FRCS degrees in London and began his medical career as a doctor in India in the same year. Later he joined the Calcutta Medical College as a teaching staff and afterward he moved to the Campbell Medical School and then to Carmichael Medical College, Kolkata. He was the most famous physician and renowned educationist as well as a freedom fighter as he joined Mahatma Gandhi during Civil Disobedience Movement, 1930. Later he became Indian National Congress leader and then Chief Minister of the West Bengal. He died on 1st July 1962 before giving 80 years of his life to the country. Dr. B. C. Roy National Award was instituted in the year 1976 to pay honour, respect and tribute.

National Doctor’s Day celebration has been marked as the day of respect for professional doctors who have made great efforts in saving the life of patients. The day has been dedicated to the medical profession especially for doctors and physicians to venerate their efforts and roles across the world.

Both government and non-government healthcare organizations organise variety of events and activities in order to honour doctors’ contributions. Medical services by the doctors are also promoted and encouraged in the country for better and healthy social development. Free medical checkups, general screening camps, health counselling, health nutrition talks and chronic diseases awareness among poor people and senior citizens are part of National Doctor’s Day celebrations. Some of the activities at the schools and colleges level are also organized to encourage the youth to take up the medical profession.

On 1st July, patients wish their respective doctors by distributing greeting cards, appreciation cards, E-cards, giving them bunch of flowers or bouquets, greeting messages through the mails and etc. Special meetings and parties are held at the health centres, hospitals, nursing homes or at homes by the doctors in order to celebrate the importance of the day.

Off late in India, there has been what is called a medical revolution of sorts. An altogether different channel has come up for both doctors and patients for better integration. The online medium enables patients to book quick appointments with their choice of doctor in a hassle-free manner. Internet has played a crucial role in last five years in bridging the gap between doctors and patients. Now patients have accessibility to doctors in matter of few clicks. Nothing could have been better on this Doctor’s Day when various health portals in India are offering discounted services.

Lazoi, a one stop destination for all kinds of healthcare needs, provides a path-breaking online platform that enables doctors to keep a tab on their practice and patients, irrespective of time and place. It offers slew of services to patients ranging from online booking doctors, diagnostic tests to checking medical records and keeping an account of medical expenses.

Lazoi is ever more willing to eliminate the distance factor between doctors and patients. The company strongly believes good health is everyone’s right and based on this belief it wants to bring plethora of health related facilities under one roof. It has 6500 plus doctors across different medical areas with whom you can instantly book appointments free of cost.


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28-02-2018 04:25 AM

This type of a day exists, I was not aware about that thing.

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14-05-2017 01:37 AM

On this day, family doctors should be felt special.

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