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Benefits of using dental crowns and dental bridges

  • Posted on- Jul 01, 2015
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When you suffer from a damaged or a lost tooth through decay, disease or injury, it is possible for your dentist to use either crowns or bridges in restoring the appearance of your smile. If you have teeth that are severely damaged or disfigured, dental crowns are probably your best and most effective long-term teeth treatment option.

Dental crowns are customized tooth-shaped coverings that rebuild and restore strength to your severely damaged tooth. They reduce discomfort and get back that confident smile.

Dental bridges, on the other hand, provide another treatment alternative in filling a gap left behind by any missing tooth. It restores your natural look with a realistic smile.

Dental Crowns

Your dentist employs crowns in restoring a single tooth that has suffered extensive damage. Dental crowns are fabricated from porcelain that is a very strong restoration material that could be made to match the exact tint of your lost natural tooth.

Each dental crown is designed and produced according to your unique dental specifications. It gets bonded permanently to your tooth. Due to the fact that the porcelain mimics the actual qualities of your natural enamel, crowns are aesthetically pleasing.

Benefits of using dental crowns

  1. They can be used in restoring teeth that are cracked, worn or decayed, and are utilized towards re-enforcing your tooth after you've received a root canal treatment. They can also be employed towards improving the appearance of malformed, discoloured or crooked teeth.
  2. Dental crowns offer protection against further erosion or decay of damaged teeth and help in maintaining the improved smile. The crown can help you to hide that unsightly looking front tooth or chipped tooth. They restore your dented self-confidence as they give back that attractive smile.
  3. When your teeth are damaged or are decaying, they could quickly become oral bacteria breeding grounds which can lead to oral hygiene complications. When you get a tooth restored with a dental crown, it will significantly alleviate this potential danger.

Dental Bridges

Bridges can be utilized in restoring a single tooth or even several lost one. Bridges make use of a prosthetic tooth fused to your two dental crowns to bridge effectively the gap created by the missing tooth (between the remaining ones). Bridge restorations blend seamlessly with your remaining natural tooth structure and they also absorb and reflects light just as your natural tooth enamel would.

Benefits of using bridges

  1. Bridges are excellent in restoring the function and appearance of your bite while at the same time preventing your remaining teeth from slowly migrating to fill up a gap created by tooth loss.
  2. They restore your smile and ability to properly speak and chew, which are both easily affected by missing teeth. If done properly, bridge treatment helps in maintaining the shape and appearance of your face.


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18-08-2016 03:57 AM

Regular dental check ups should be normally done as it would further let you know about if you are having any dental or oral problem.

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20-08-2015 11:08 PM

Great information shared. Keep spreading awareness.

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