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International Yoga Day

  • Posted on- Jun 20, 2018
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InternationalDay of Yoga is celebrated on 21st of June each year. Yoga was startedin India in history when people were used of meditation to transform their bodyand mind.

Giving a specificdate of doing yoga across all over the world and celebrating it as InternationalDay of Yoga was initiated by the Indian Prime Minister to the United NationsGeneral Assembly.

The firstInternational Day of Yoga was celebrated in 2015. The celebrations of yoga dayall over the world as International Day of Yoga on 21st of Juneevery year was declared by the United Nations General Assembly on 11thof December in 2014.

Thecelebration of the event organized on International day of yoga is givensupport by many global leaders. This day is celebrated by the people of morethan 170 countries including USA, China, Canada, etc.

InternationalDay of Yoga makes the people to do all the activities in a much better way tochange the attitude of the people for the development of the Country.

For thebetterment of this day, government has initiated lot of things by which peoplecan come ahead to do Yoga for their own and others improvement. People shouldbe able to react for doing Yoga in order to focus and do their tasks withproper concentration and confidence.

The InternationalDay of Yoga is celebrated by organizing some of the activities such as yogatraining campus, yoga competitions and so many activities to enhance theawareness about yoga benefits among common public all over the world.

InternationalDay of Yoga is celebrated with a basic aim of letting people know that regularyoga practice can further lead to the better mental, physical and intellectualhealth. Yoga positively changes the lifestyle of the people and increase thelevel of well-being.

All membersof the organization, observer states, United Nations system organizations,other international organizations, regional organizations, civil society,governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals gettogether to celebrate the International Day of Yoga in suitable way accordingto the national priorities to raise the awareness about yoga.

InternationalDay of Yoga is used to celebrate by lots of people from many Countries in orderto do all the activities in a better way without any harm to the Physical aswell as Mental Body.

Yoga enablesone to see beyond the future as compared to the normal person. Yoga can be donefor some time or it can be done for much more time as anyone requires doing it.Yoga can be done at any time whether in the Morning, Night or in the Evening.

So let’stake a pledge that everyone should do Yoga at any time in any place to developtheir Physical as well as Mental condition in a way that they can do everythingin a perfect way with success of the goal.


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